Sims FreePlay – Brilliant Backyard

The Brilliant Backyard Live Event  has just started. To start, you will need to update the Sims FreePlay application  to the latest version. Once the updates completes, launch the game and hit ‘accept’ to start.

Sims Freeplay – Hans On!

Today while completing the requisites for the Snow Problem Quest, I was bombarded by the ‘ Hans On! ‘ Quest. I did not have to accept anything and you have 7 days to obtain the limited time prize. Completing the Hans On! Quest will unlock dishwashers (which cleans up plates instantly!) as well as HANS […]

Sims Freeplay – Love is in the Air

2 Days Left (Day 1) Total Sim count: 11 Sims working on the Luxury Living timed-event: 8 Sims working on the cooking hobby: 2 Sims working on this event: 1 (Additional Sims pulled from the cooking hobby when required. I update as I progress in-game and then recompile actions/information into the final post.

Sims Freeplay- Luxury Living

Update the Sims Freeplay to its latest update and you’ll be greeted by New Life Event! Luxury Living which gives the player a span of 10 days to complete the event. Note: Working on any of the stations won’t reset your current hobbies for that Sim. I’ll be updating this post as I progress through […]