Sims Freeplay - Love is in the Air

2 Days Left (Day 1)

Total Sim count: 11

Sims working on the Luxury Living timed-event: 8

Sims working on the cooking hobby: 2

Sims working on this event: 1 (Additional Sims pulled from the cooking hobby when required.

I update as I progress in-game and then recompile actions/information into the final post.

The event Love is the Air starts immediately after the completion of Does Money Grow on Trees? Quest.

Key: % of quest completion after completing the action- Time required to complete the action hr.=Hour s=Seconds m=Minutes (-LP used if any.

04% Quick Rinse in the shower – 5s

08% Get 2 Sims in 1 house (Call over an additional Sim)

12% Be romantic with another Sim – 1m

16% Have a Sim make Espresso– 20s

20% Flirt with another Sim – 5m

24% Have 2 Sims be romantic until they form a budding romance (Be romantic x1

28% Have 2 Sims watch a movie – 1hr 30m ( There’s a trick here: Have 1 Sim watch the movie and a 2nd one ‘Join in’. You will get a notification that the task is complete almost immediately. 😀 Cancel the action so you wont have to sit through 1hr for no reason!)

32% Form a dating relationship (Kiss hand-3s is shorter but it will take longer for you to fill up that pink bar! Be romantic – 1m is the recommended action. I only had to do the action 3x

36% Kiss another Sim on the cheek – 2s

40% Send a Sim Home

44% Have a catnap – 27m

48% Have 2 Sims in the same house

52% Be romantic to another Sim – 1m

56% Become partners (^ Over and over

60% Woohoo – 5m (Fun fact: If no bed is available, they’ll go at it standing up. Of course it is still censored but amusing nonetheless!

64% Buy 2 roses (Trees, Plants & Flowers > Rose $100 ea. or Table Rose $200 ea.

68% Propose marriage – 2s (If your progress bar is maxed out pink like mine, the action should be instantly available from the menu.

72% Call about engagement – 4hrs 30m

76% Ask to move in – 4s (You need to be in the lot where they’ll be moving in.)

80% Have 3 Sims in a house

1 Day Left (Day 2)

96-100% Get married – 6s( Just have them complete romantic actions until the bar is full and the ‘get married’ option shows up.

This completes the Love is in the Air quest.

Completing the quest in the allotted time unlocks the wedding bundle and the quest Two and A Half Sims immediately starts.

One of my biggest complains is how ‘regular’ quests are ‘timed’ and start right away. The user should have the option on when they want to start even if the quest is timed or even being able to choose what quest they want to work on.

Update: Not starting a particular quest (at all) and letting the time run out will allow you to complete the quest at your own pace, keeping the rest of the quests in Queque until you complete that one. Just choose one that you don’t mind missing out on!

If you want to avoid regular timed quests, don’t complete the Does Money Grow on Trees? Quest.

The only issue is that all regular quests remain locked and you won’t have access to the Social Points Flower.