Sims Freeplay - Two and a Half Sims

The quest Two and a Half Sims unlocks the Baby decoration pack (if the quest is completed in the allotted time) and grants the player the ability for sims to have a baby.

11% Be nice to a Sim – 1m

22% Expand or create a room (I created a very small room so the cost was $105

33% Spend $450 on Flooring/Wallpapers ($450 is the minimum for all combined. It doesn’t have to be exactly $450

44% Read magazine ‘Better Farms and Cradles’ – 9m ( You need to purchase a stack of magazines if you haven’t already and they need to be placed in a coffee table.)

55% Double shot of coffee – 1m

66% Watch ‘Dr.Cots’ on TV – 18m

1 Day Left (Day 2)

77% Build the children’s store – 1hr $15,000

88% Buy a crib (-$2,000. There are other choices but LP is required.

100% Add a baby (1 Day /or 24LP. If you wait a few hours, you won’t have to shell out as much LP!) -11LP