Sims FreePlay - Fine Dining Live Event

Sims FreePlay - Fine Dining Live Event

A new live event has started. Everything you need to create the finest experience under the stars!

In order to participate in the Fine Dining Live Event, you will need to have downloaded the latest update.

Key: Constructor Coins (cc) Candles (c) Pottery (p) Jewelry (j) Glassware (g) Social Points (SP)

The Rewards

  • Wondrous Walls: 50(c) unlocked after tutorial
  • 1st milestone is 3 Constructor Coins
  • 2nd Milestone is 3 Constructor Coins
  • 3rd Milestone unlocks Fine Decorations
  • } Red Carpet treatment: 750(c) 5(cc)
  • } On the Rocks: 2,200(c) 10(cc)
  • 4rth Milestone unlocks the Pottery Station
  • 5th Milestone is 4 (cc)
  • 6th Milestone is 4 (cc)
  • 7th Milestone unlocks Lights, Planter, Flower!
  • > Flower & Power: 5,800(c) 3,400(p) 35(cc)
  • > Heater & Potted Plant: 8,700(c) 5,100(p) 55(cc)
  • 8th Milestone unlocks the Jewelry Station
  • 9th Milestone: 5(cc)
  • 10th Milestone: 2(SP)
  • 11th Milestone:5 (cc)
  • 12th milestone unlocks Fancy Furnishings
  • > Flora & Fences: 7,660(p) 8,100(j) 80(cc)
  • > Contemporary Cloakroom: 10,250(p) 11,000(j) 110(cc)
  • 13th milestone unlocks the glassware station
  • 14th Milestone : 7(cc)
  • 15th Milestone : 2(SP)
  • 16th Milestone : 7(cc)
  • 17th milestone unlocks Sofa, So Good
  • > Sit Aside: 13,000(p) 13,500(j) 13,500(g) 135(cc)
  • > So-Fantastic: 13,500(p) 14,500(j) 14,500(g) 145(cc)
  • 18th: 10(cc)
  • 19th: 2(SP)
  • 20th: 10(cc)
  • 21th milestone unlocks Diner & Drinks
  • > Dinner is Served: 14,500(p) 15,500(j) 15,500(g) 155(cc)
  • > Clink & Drink: 16,000(p) 17,000(j) 17,000(g) 170(cc)
  • 22th: 15(cc)
  • 23th: 2(SP)
  • 24th: 15 (cc)
  • 25th is the Fine Diner and it is unlocked by claiming all the prizes above.

My Progress

I only had 9 days to complete this process. Below is how I progressed through the quest.

Day 1/9

Day 1 was used to complete the tutorial which allowed me to unlock and purchase wondrous walls.

⁃ Unlocked milestones 1-4

⁃ Completed all daily goals

⁃ Made enough to purchase a prize the next day.

Day 2/9

⁃ Reached 5th milestone and acquired 4 Constructor Coins.

⁃ Red carpet treatment purchased.

⁃ All daily goals completed.

⁃ Reached 6th milestone and acquired 4 Constructor Coins.

⁃ 7th milestone unlocked Lights, Planter, Flower!

⁃ 8th Milestone and the Jewelry Station was unlocked.

Day 3/9

⁃ Reached 9th milestone and acquired 5 Constructor Coins.

⁃ Purchased On the Rocks

⁃ All daily goals reached.

⁃ 10th milestone reached and acquired 2 Social Points.

⁃ 11th milestone reached and that allowed me to acquire 5 Constructor Coins.

⁃ 12th milestone reached which unlocked the Fancy Furnishings.

Day 4/9

⁃ I also started Love is Blinds. I have 7 Sims completing the quest.

⁃ 13th milestone reached which unlocks the glassware station! Woo!

⁃ Purchased Flower & Power and Heater & Potted plant because I wanted to eliminate all the prizes that required candles so I could concentrate on Constructor Coins hoarding.

⁃ 14th milestone reached which supplied me with 7 Constructor Coins.

⁃ 15th milestone reached which gave me 2 SP.

Day 5/9

Purchased Flora & Fences

⁃ Reached milestone 16th which gave me 7 Constructor Coins.

Contemporary Cloakroom purchased.

⁃ All daily goals reached.

⁃ Unlocked

Day 6/9

⁃ Reached milestone 18th which gave me 10 Constructor Coins.

⁃ Reached milestone 19th which gave me 2SP

⁃ Completed all daily goals.

Day 7/9

⁃ Reached milestone 20th and acquired 10 Constructor Coins.

⁃ Reached 21th milestone which unlocks Dinner & Drinks

Purchased Clink & Drink

Completed all daily goals.

Day 8-9/9

⁃ Milestone 21 reached and 15 Constructor Coins acquired.

⁃ Purchased the rest of the prizes

⁃ Completed all daily goals

Final Thoughts

I successfully completed this event and acquired the Fine Dining Lot (pictured below) and I’m currently working on Love is Blinds.