Sims Freeplay - Snow Problem

Although it marks as 24 days, the quest Snow Problem is a 13-day Quest.

To start, you must first accept the quest.

Key: m=minutes s=seconds hrs=hours -LP (LP spent) +LP (LP gained/earned) CH: Cooking Hobby


Completing the first set of goals will award the player the Snow Chalet Spiral Sculpture

Completing the second set of goals will award the player the Chalet Coffee table and Chalet Decoration.

Completing the third set of goals will award the player the Rectangular Chalet Windows

Completing the fourth set of goals will award the player the Shapely Chalet Windows

Completing the fifth set of goals will award the player Chalet Doors

Completing the sixth set of goals will award the player the Stylish Chandelier and Chalet Walls

Completing the seventh set of goals will award the player the Chalet rugs and floors

Completing the eighth set of goals will award the player the Chalet dining table and chair set.

Completing the ninth set of goals will award the player the Chalet Kitchen Benchtops.

Completing the tenth set of goals will award the player the Chalet oven, stove and island sink set.

Completing the eleventh set of goals will award the player the Chalet U-Shaped couches.

Completing the twelfth set of goals will award the player the Chalet bedroom set ( king size bed, bedside table and roof lamp.

You must reach 100% of quest completion in order to gain access to the Snow Chalet (pictured in the start of the post) which takes 1 day to build and costs S0.0.


Note #1: All Christmas items can be found in the home store > Featured tab.
Note #2: Do not purchase any extra items until you complete the quest.

13 Days Left – Day 1

0% Put up a Christmas tree (Found in : Featured > Xmas Tree $0

1% Untangle Christmas lights – 1hr ( Just click on the ‘X’ on the outside of the house – by the trashcan)

2% Write Christmas cards – 1hr 50m ( A dining table and chair are necessary for this next task.

3% Post cards – 4hrs ( Click on the mailbox outside the house) -1LP

4% Place a Christmas candle ( Found in Featured > Xmas Candle $0

5% Place 5 Candy canes (Cost: $0

6% Build Snowman – 5m (Click on the ‘X’ bubble that appears outside. Also.. snow!)

> Once you finish this task, you will have an incomplete snowman on your property.

7% Finish Snowman – 2hrs.

> The snowman is now complete! ⛄️ Note: The snowman appears in any lot you move to!

7% Throw snowballs – 5hrs (-3LP

8% Go to the park (Summon a Sim to the park)

Reward #1: Spiral Chalet Sculpture

9% Wait for day 2. There’s no way to skip this time requirement. ( Resets at 12AM

12 Days Left – Day 2

10% Speak to meteorologist about strange weather patterns. ( Discuss Weather – 15m)

11% Call Wizard Wickham – 50m

12% Rebuild the Snowman – 1hr ( The snowman is a melted puddle as of right now)

13% Ask Mr. Flurry how he’s feeling – 2hrs

14% Discuss Ice Palace – 2hrs

+5LP – Cooking hobby

11 Days Left – Day 3

15% Watch ‘Impulse Buy’ on TV – 2hrs 40m (-1LP

15% Impulse Buy using a phone – 6hrs (-5LP)

Reward #2: Chalet Coffee Table and Chalet Decoration

16% Wait For Day 3 (or 5hrs 8m) – Again, there’s no way to skip this.

10 Days Left – Day 4

17% Read email – 4m 30s

18% Send your Sim to the Park

19% Inspect the ‘ Bad Luck Locomotive ‘ – 1hr

20% On a park bench, study the manual ‘ The Bad Luck Locomotive and You ‘ – 2hrs 40m

21% Repair the Bad Luck Locomotive – 5m

22% Check the manual – 1hr 3m

+5LP – Cooking Hobby

23% As per the instructions of ‘When All Else Fails’ manual, give the Locomotive a swift kick – 4hrs 40m (-4LP

23% Get coordinates – 6hrs (-5LP

24% Go to the Park

Reward #3: Rectangular Chalet Windows

25% Wait for Day 4 (3hrs 51m)

9 Days Left – Day 5

26% Go to the Ice Palace

27% Find out what’s going on! Talk to the Snow sprite – 30m

28% Ask the Snow Sprite about Jack Frost’s Whereabouts – 4hrs

Search for Jack ( Jack is hiding somewhere in the Snow Palace but has the ability to transform into anything.

29% Search the refrigerator– 10m

30% Search Tranquil Iron Board – 5m

30% Find Jack Frost in his ‘Newsworthy’ Disguise – 1hr (Approach the mail boy)

31% Ask Jack Frost about ‘Quarters Key’ – 6hrs 20m

Reward #4: Shapely Chalet Windows

32% Wait For Day 5 – 4hrs 45m

8 Days Left – Day 6

33% Collect the key from under the mat – 10m

+1LP – Reaching Lv. 6 in the cooking hobby
+5LP – Cooking hobby

34% Unlock the door – 1hr 40m

+1LP – Reaching Lv. 6 in the cooking

35% Speak to the Ice Queen – 3hrs 20m

+5LP – Cooking hobby

36% Offer the Queen some hot chocolate! – 7hrs 30m ( Dear lord! Making a hot chocolate is apparently an art that needs to be meticulously constructed over 7 hours!)

+5LP – Cooking hobby
+5LP – Cooking hobby
+5LP – Cooking Hobby

37% Talk to ice sprite – Discuss ‘ Strength ‘ – 2m

7 Days Left – Day 7

38% Have four Sims turn the wheels on the Frostblaster at the same time. (As the task implies, you need 4 Sims to complete this task.) – 1s

38% Return to the park using the Bad Luck Locomotive and remove all the Sims from the ice palace.

Reward #5: Chalet Doors

40% Discuss the weather with Wizard Wickham – 30m

41% Think of a petty problem – 1hr 50m

Note: I won’t be including how much LP I gain because I’m using it to finish up the Luxury Living Live Event.

42% Have a pointless argument. (Argue with another Sim) – 2hrs 30m (-2LP

43% Speak to Wizard Wickham – 11hrs (-4LP)

6 Days Left – Day 8

44% Go to the wacky weather source – 6s

Reward #6: Stylish Chandelier and Chalet Walls

46% Go to the wacky weather source

46% Confront odorous owner – 1m

49% Persuade Grouch ( Flatter/Plead/Greed – 2hrs. ea.) -3LP used.

Note: I think by default it makes you do all 3? I chose greed as my final alternative and that was still incorrect.

50% Persuade Grouch – 12hrs. 30m (The art of persuasion is apparently a masterpiece that requires tons of hours to perfect.) -2LP used.

51% Use Locomotive to return home – 1s

Reward #7: Chalet rugs and floors

52% Wait for Day 8 – 11hrs 14m

Looks like I finally caught up because I wasn’t asked to wait for Day 6 or 7!

53% Go to a home lot. ( I was already at a random home so the task completed instantly.)

53% Think up a solution – 48s (Click on a couch > Find Solution)

54% Compose an email to Santa’s Ho-Ho-Hotline – 2hrs 20m (Click on a computer > Compose Ho-Ho-Hotline Email) -2LP used.

55% Read Santa’s Reply from the Ho-Ho-Hotline 4m 30s

56% Speak to Mr.Flurry – 30m

57% Go to the park

58% Santa access – 10hrs 50m (-9LP

Santa’s elf is apparently overworked, so here comes our chance!

59% Ask Allen about his requirements – 1s

Reward #8: Chalet dining table and chair set

5 Days Left – Day 9

60% Wait for Day 9 – 13hrs 8m

61% Go to a home lot (This completed instantly because I was already at a home lot.)

61% Book a Bahamas holiday – 5m ( Using a PC > Book Holiday)

62% Go to the park and give Allen the booking reference – 3hrs (Elf Allen > Give Reference)

63% Go to a home lot.(It is not necessary to take the same Sim; simply switch to a different Sim and keep this one at the park!)

+5LP – CH

4 Days Left – Day 10

64% Write email to Santa – 15m ( Using a computer > Santa email)

65% Hit ‘ Send’ – 5hrs (Computer > Send Santa Email) [Just my two cents, but … wouldn’t it have made more sense to switch ‘ Write Email’ and ‘Send’ actions around? ] -4LP

66% Speak to Visitor – 12hrs 30m ( Click on the floating ! Sign > Speak to Visitor) -7LP

Time to hoard more LP! ( Total Sim Count: 12 Sims working on this quest: 1 Sims working on the cooking hobby: 9)

+10 LP – CH

Reward #9: Chalet Kitchen Benchtops

We were hit with that ‘Christmas Protocol Infringement’ and an angry elf ?

67% Wait for Day 10 – 2hrs 36m (Come up with an acceptable apology.)

68% Apologize to Elf – 1m

69% Placate suspicious elf – 5m

69% Go to the Park

70% Speak to Wizard Wickham – 12hrs 30m (Night time for me so I’ll let the Sim complete the action as much as possible.) -1LP

3 Days Left – Day 11

71% Return to home lot. (Switch to a different Sim home or take your current Sim home.)

72% Place a lamp to attract reindeer Prancer (On  a home lot (outside) > Place lamp )

73% Grow carrots – 5m (Garden Patch > Grow Carrots > Collect all carrots to complete this task!)
> My sim was struck by lightning so they became very energetic! Lucky!

74% Feed Prancer – 5m (Click on the reindeer  > Feed Prancer)

75% With Prancer secured, have your Sim email Santa again – 54m (On a computer > Email Santa again)

76% Have your Sim speak to the elf – 8hrs 40m (-3 LP
> Update: Due to unexpected real life circumstances, I did not have much time to hoard LP. Only +5LP gained from the CH

The elf gave us the coordinates to Santa's workshop as gratitude for retrieving the missing reindeer. Yay!

76% Go to the Park and check over the locomotive – 1s

Reward #10: Chalet oven, stove and island sink set.

77% Wait for Day 11 – 3hrs 4m

A Sim that was all in red just got zapped by lightning so I decided to start the Hans On! Quest

78% Travel to Santa’s workshop. ( Click on the Locomotive > Santa’s workshop.)

79% Time to speak to the big man about the Grouch. But where is he? – 5m ( Speak to an elf > Where’s Santa?)

2 Days Left – Day 12

80% Search letter pile – 2hrs

81% Search Santa’s sack. – 5m (Poor choice of wording .. ehem.)

82% Have your Sim investigate the hollering coming from the chimney. – 6hrs 30m (Xmas fireplace > Search chimney) -6LP

+5 LP – CH

83% Wait on Santa’s chair for Santa to come down from the chimney – 48m (-1LP)

84% Have your Sim explain to Santa the Grouch’s pernicious plan. (Click on Santa > Explain Grouch’s gripe)

? The Sim sitting on Santa's lap to explain in a serious manner the Grouch's plan is killing me ?-- Anyway, more LP hoarding!

I’ll have Sim #13 (-S98,000) ready to be used in 24 hours.

Reward #11: Chalet U-Shaped Couches

1 Day Left – Day 13

85% Speak to the Head elf about the current active job. – 1m

86% Repair the present?  machine. – 5m

+5 CH

87% Speak to the head Elf again about current, active jobs. – 2hrs (Discuss Jobs) -1 LP

88% At a present?  construction bench, have your Sim work Allen’s shift. – 4hrs 10m (-2LP

89% Speak to the head Elf about the next job. – 5m

90% Speak to Santa about the Grouch – 20m (Santa > Discuss Grouch)

91% Speak to the head Elf. – 1hr 40m (-1 LP)

92% Collect a ?present from the present machine. – 5m

92% Collect another present – 10hrs 50m (-6LP

+5 CH

93% Take the Bad Luck Locomotive to the Grouch’s chalet – 1s (I summoned the Sim to the chalet but I still had to click on the Locomotive. Beats having to go to the park just to use the Locomotive.)

Reward #12: Chalet bedroom set ( king size bed, bedside table and roof lamp.

94% Wait for Day 13 – 3hrs 22m (Around 10pm for me)

Can't wait to unlock the Snow Chalet ???

95% Go to the Chalet via the Bad Luck Locomotive. (I already had my Sim over at the Chalet. I simply switched over to the Sim and the task completed.)

96% Give a present to the Grouch. – 1m

97% Give another present. – 1hr 30m (-1LP

98% Have your Sim give the Grouch a warm hug. –  6hrs 40m

+5LP – CH

99% Have your Sim cautiously approach and speak to the Grouch – 14hrs (-4LP

100% Remove any Sims from the Chalet. (Send the Sim home.)

I enjoyed this quest and the rewards offered and the Snow Chalet looks very well put together!. ? ? ? ❄️ ⛄️

I’m now working on the Hans On! Quest