Plans Moving Forward

I refuse to dedicate my blog space to the mania, hysteria, paranoia and monstrous reality that assaults us at this very moment. Instead, I will continue to provide reviews for products, books, series, etc. You will not be flooded with devastating news or anything pertaining to what is going on right now. Reality is crude […]

Affiliate Marketing and Seo Experts are Bull

Many small-time bloggers fall for these traps. ‘ You can do $1,000 dollars a day with this trick’ or ‘ Employing this marketing techniques will skyrocket your traffic’. No they won’t. All you are doing is giving clicks to the guy that made the post, escalating his/her traffic and encouraging them to make more spun […]

Yoast Removed NoIndex for archive sub-pages

I’ve been away from the scene, I’ll admit. Today, I started browsing through the Google Search engine. That classy site:yoursite; brings up an influx of links and posts so that you get an idea of what the world sees. Boy, was I not happy!

Perk Ruined Apptrailers

The latest update for Apptrailers iOS version 6.0 has officially destroyed the app experience for me. UPDATE 06/29: The app is unusable. It freezes, crashes and simply stops functioning after a few ads. The title is now consistent with this rant.

Ghost Update 0.11.5 Fixes High CPU Spikes

From the moment this article was written, I can confirm that the update 0.11.5 for Ghost has successfully fixed the high CPU spikes I was seeing. A Bit of Background Information… I am on a premium, with shared hosting package with unlimited bandwidth, but limited CPU, physical memory, and number of processes resources. I installed Ghost […]