Affiliate Marketing and Seo Experts are Bull

Many small-time bloggers fall for these traps. ‘ You can do $1,000 dollars a day with this trick’ or ‘ Employing this marketing techniques will skyrocket your traffic’. No they won’t. All you are doing is giving clicks to the guy that made the post, escalating his/her traffic and encouraging them to make more spun content/thin content and spam the hell out of the tags and categories.

There’s no magic solution but the solutions that do work cost money. No one wants to hear that right? It’s much better to believe in the magic solution but all you are doing is wasting time, employing the wrong techniques.. probably receiving some black hat Seo advice? You are welcome to try but if you get caught Google will certainly burn your authority to a crisp.

Ranking algorithms change all the time. The only tactic that works? Research, analyze and play it safe. Don’t spin automatic content and don’t scrape other’s hard work just to plaster it all over your spammy website. That’s the saddest part. You never see professional looking websites employing such shady techniques or low-quality ads plastered all over their content.

Affiliate marketing works when done right. You use a product and recommend it. You review quality software and give valuable input. Don’t believe the false lies of desperate men and women wanting to prey on even more desperate men or women.

Don’t you see the pattern? The content is always the same. The keywords peppered throughout their content is so obviously repeated, spammy. They don’t care about the users. They care to rank and sell cheap services that do not work.

The tools that do work? They cost money. There’s no magic solution, no free fits-all.

What about the SEO experts? I dived into SEO when I first started out, learned and researched the right way. I go to websites all the time, especially of these so called experts. What keywords are you using? How are your titles structured? What about images? Are you spamming keywords? Is your content ripped? Let’s dig deeper… what SEO plugin are you using? Are you even using the plugins you recommend? What about your meta description? What about your robots.txt and sitemap? Rarely.. am I impressed.

Want to get a bit harsher? What about page speed? Is your site mobile friendly? Are you minifying your CSS, JS, HTML? Java defer or blocking? Are you using a CDN?

Those are basic SEO suggestions and I could keep going. If that’s too much for you and you are offering these services? You need to take a step back and reconsider your marketing strategy because anyone that actually knows their stuff will know you are bluffing.

Companies pay money for their insurance policies and selling lies isn’t cheap. You mess with the wrong company’s business and you’ll be in hot water.

Be smart, new and old bloggers. Take some time to learn the new tactics and the new scam. Recognize the danger before it strikes and most importantly, offer something of value to those around you. The web is filled with sharks and naivety will get you devoured.