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Kindle Paperwhite Not Letting Me Highlight Samples

And it’s not just your new shiny Paperwhite, voyage or Kindle ereader. Kobo’s latest update has jumped on the wagon too…


Do they seriously think it will push you to buy the book if you can’t make a note or highlight on a sample? I’ll tell you my personal opinion. It makes me rage. I don’t care how good a book is if I can’t make a single highlight or note. What drives me to buy the book is the interaction of being able to make notes as to why I would be interested in buying the book in the first place. I want to feel like I have a choice and not being reminded that I don’t own anything digitally, not even a measly sample. Maybe there was a really interesting passage or something that I wanted to have. This act makes me not want to download samples from ereaders.

Of course this is just my personal opinion but I find it ridiculous and unmotivating.

And if it is a choice from the book author, I find it arrogant and I’m unlikely to support your work digitally.

Please note, the kindle app or kobo app is not plagued by this phenomenon.

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