Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 8/10

Have you ever encountered annoying errors such as ‘This driver was not installed because it is not digitally signed.’ ? You are not alone in your frustration. This error commonly occurs in Windows 8 and later versions because Microsoft is unable to determine the origin of the driver you are attempting to install. Many 3rd party developed drivers will throw this error, and there’s no cause for alarm as long as you know that the source you are downloading from is secured/verified. This guide will teach you a simple and effective method to bypass that specific Microsoft restriction.


R-click the start menu and you should see a menu that reads’ shut down or sign out‘, follow the tiny arrow and you should be presented with the following 3 options.


→Sign Out

→Shut Down

→Restart (You are going to hold [SHIFT] and click on RESTART without letting go of [shift].


You’ll be presented with a blue screen containing advanced options. Make a click on troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart. Your computer will restart but you will be immediately taken to another blue screen with several choices. Click to choose ‘ Disable Driver Signature Enforcement‘. Then your computer will continue like normal, but now you won’t have any issues installing 3rd party drivers.


You might be greeted with an alarming security warning such as this one, but simply choose ‘ Install this driver software anyway‘. Proceed as normal and this concludes our tutorial.