WakeupOnStandby - Recommendation + Tutorial

I wanted an automated way for my Desktop computer to wake up, perform an action (such as opening a program) and go to sleep on schedule. This action was to be performed at certain dates and times. I tried popular solutions such as the task scheduler (which would only ‘wake up’ the computer at a certain time and perform the designated action) but only the fans and led lights would come up (on Windows 8.1). Settings were tweaked in power options, such as allowing wake-up timers, etc. Nothing seemed to work. As a last resort, I came across this program (free) and it does more than what I could have hoped for.

OS: Windows 8.1 (Not tested on windows 10)
Download link
Actions: Wake up computer, launch a program, and put computer back to sleep. (on a scheduled interval)
Testing days: A week.
Issues/ Glitches: None captured so far.
Installation required: None.

Setting up the program (WakeupOnStandby)

WakeupOnStandby Settings

The program comes in the form of a .zip archive and any free utility (such as 7-zip) or even the default Windows program should take care of it without any issues. Inside the folder, you will find 4 files. Launch wosb.exe

(1) Specify the time to wake up computer:
Here you can designate the date and time and if the computer screen should turn on and remain on. For my purpose, I’m keeping the defaults but I am changing the time to 8:00 AM

(2) Run the following file/program/web page when computer wakes up:
Select the ‘…’ button to choose and select your program. For demonstration purposes, I’ll launch a text file. It’ll look something like C:pathdesktopsample.txt. Params can be specified here also, if necessary.

(3) Specify what to do next: Here you have the option to put the computer to sleep, hibernate, shut-down, log-off or simply wait.
Check where it says ‘sleep’ and Wait for: option will become available. Choose pick, select the date (default in my case) and the time when you want your computer to go to sleep. For me, it’ll be 11:49PM and click ‘Okay’. The hours will be automatically calculated for you.
Here you have the option to ‘Run the following program’ before placing the computer into sleep mode. You may choose to run an antivirus scan or download a file. For my purpose, it isn’t necessary so I am unchecking that option.

(4) Repeat these tasks:
Here you can specify specific dates or weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly intervals. I am keeping it as every ‘week’ and checking the dates I need these tasks performed.

(5) Click start to activate:
Exactly as it says, click ‘Start’ and it will switch to tray and stay out of the way. Simply hit ‘Exit’ when you no longer need the use of the program.

Other options:
Beside the button ‘Start’, you have ‘…’ button and clicking it reveals advanced options such as ‘save as batch file’ or ‘create a new schedule’. Remember that closing any of the program instances, however, will erase your input.