How to Map A Subdomain to Tumblr Using

Today’s tutorial will teach you how to map a subdomain to Tumblr using, not to be confused with Mapping a domain or subdomain to Tumblr is completely free of cost, provided you have a domain in the first place.

The first thing you’ll want to do is log-in to your account. ‘ My Sites ‘ and scroll down until you reach a section that reads ‘ Configure ‘ > Click on ‘ Domains ‘

You’ll be presented with a list of your purchased/mapped domains.
Click on the domain you wish to make a subdomain from.

A subdomain is a subdivision of an existing domain.
For example, my domain is and I wish to make a photography subdomain. My subdomain would read as , or even (if I wanted to choose that path). Popular examples include

Once you have your chosen subdomain, you are ready to proceed. For this tutorial, I will be choosing

Click on DNS records > Add a new DNS record > A Record > For name: Blog (In my case) > Points to66.6.44.4 > Add ‘ New DNS Record ‘ once you are finished.

You are done with Time to create or log into your Tumblr account.

You’ll be presented with the Tumblr dashboard. You need to make a click on the icon that looks like a person or similar to the Apple contacts icon.

There will be two tabs that read ‘ Account ‘ or ‘Tumblrs ‘.
Scroll below ‘ Tumblrs ‘ and choose your blog. Click on ‘ Edit Appearance
< Make a click on the ‘ pencil ‘ icon. > Use Custom Domain

Write out your subdomain: in my case – and click on Test. You should be getting a message that says ‘ It’s Good ‘

Simply hit ‘save’ and your changes will be reflected automatically the next time you visit your Tumblr.

I have tried to make this tutorial as easy as possible but if you have any doubts or questions, feel free to add on the comments below.