Restore to Factory/Unroot Alcatel Pixi3 4028s with Mobile Upgrade S

If you are looking for a way to get your phone back to factory, and permanently get rid of root (administrative rights) or maybe you are stuck in a boot loop, then this is the tool for you. If you don’t have the same phone model, you will have to look for your specific model in Mobile Upgrade S tool.


Mobile Upgrade S Tool (Select Pixi3 (4.5) in Choose Product )

A Pixi3 4.5 (3G) 4028s Model (The device is specific to this particular tutorial.)


Download and install Mobile Upgrade S. The file will come in the format of a .rar file. Extract it using 7-zip and install the .exe package. R-click on the shortcut created on your desktop and ‘..Run as administrator‘. Choose your language and click ‘ok’. Where it says ‘ Select your phone model‘, input ‘4028’ as the image below shows and click start.



Make sure that our phone is fully charged, and powered off. Don’t connect it to the computer yet. If you are stuck on a boot loop, remove the battery (if possible) so that the phone remains off. Click next and ‘yes’ to the prompt that appears.





Now a bar will appear and you will get a message that the tool is waiting for the phone. Connect your powered off phone via a USB data cable to the PC.


Note: If you are stuck on a boot loop, you need to connect your powered off phone without a battery via USB cable, and immediately push the battery back in. If you fail the first time, remove the battery, ‘try again’ and then immediately push the battery back in. First phase should look like this:


Be patient and once the first phase is complete, you will get a message asking you to disconnect your phone to proceed. Disconnect your device and click ‘Ok’.


Click on ‘Upgrade Phone‘ and once more re-connect your device. If it remains in 0%, disconnect and reconnect. If you are stuck on a boot loop, remove battery and pop it back in.


Finally, you will receive a confirmation message that the process is complete. Click ‘Ok’, close the tool, and disconnect your phone. This tool successfully helped me out of a boot loop once I had flashed the correct preloader. This concludes the tutorial. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.