Create a Scatter file for Any MediaTek (MTK) Phone

Today I will be teaching you how to create a scatter file for your Android device. Please be aware that you must have a MediaTek (MTK) device/phone. The process is simple enough, and root is not a must.


UPDATE: If MTK Droid Tools is not creating the correct scatter file, please download the correct scatter file from here. (Only pertains to Pixi 3 devices. For Pixi3 4.5 (3G), look for MT6572_Android_scatter_Pixi3(4.5)3G.txt in the attachments.



MTK Phone/Device

MTK Droid Tools

USB Debugging (Developer Options) —See instructions below..

ADB drivers (Google : Any standard Android ADB Drivers will do the job.)


Creating a Scatter File with MTK Droid Root & Tools


My specific device is an Alcatel Pixi3 4.5 (3G) 4028S Model MT6572 phone. The first step is to connect your phone to the PC via usb data cable and launch MTK Droid Root & Tools ,run as ‘ Administrator ‘ . Note: USB debugging must be present. If you are running Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat), then follow these steps. Settings > About Phone > Click on ‘Build Number‘ until it confirms that you have enabled Developer Options. Go back and enter { } Developer Options > DEBUGGING > and enable USB Debugging.



The tool will reveal important information such as Hardware: This is the type of chipset your phone is running. Model: This is your phone’s model and Android v: This is the Android version. It will also display your IMEI which you can view but can’t backup/restore without root. 



Click on Blocks map and a windows will launch detailing ‘Block Info.’ This specific information details your specific phone’s partitions..such as where recovery is located and its size. A scatter file is a must for tools such as SPF (Smart Phone Flash Tools) which require that info. to properly flash the correct information to your phone.


Now, simply click on ‘ Create Scatter File‘, choose a location, and this concludes our tutorial.