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Hide Apple’s Annoying Bottom Bar – A Quick Tutorial

Are you tired of seeing that abominable bottom bar photobombing your pictures, disrupting game time and just .. annoying you due to some poor design choice? Well, look no further! This tutorial will show you how to hide the bottom bar.

Please note: This is a temporary fix that must be enabled and disabled after use. Why, you ask? You see… disabling the bottom bar actually negates your ability to be able to swipe out of an app, etc. What’s the good news? It’s very easy to enable and disable.

Requires: A fully functioning side button or home button

Head to Settings and on the search bar type: Guided Access. Alternatively, you can find it in Accessibility > Guided Access

Switch it to on along with Accessibility Shortcut

You will now find Accessibility Shortcut under Guided Access

Click on it and uncheck VoiceOver

We know that the shortcut to enable Guided Access is by pressing the side button three times.

This is where the magic happens.

Navigate to the application you wish to hide the bottom bar on. Notable examples: The Kindle reader app during night time.

Once you are inside the application, press the side button three times.

Guided Access is pretty straight-forward. On the bottom, you have options but there’s no need to touch anything unless you want to enable or disable additional settings.

Click start. You may have to input your password. Watch that annoying bar disappear!

Once you are done using the application, simply press the side button three times and select end.

I really hope Apple makes away with this unsightly addition or gives us a way to hide it. The fact that it shows in screenshots seems absolutely ridiculous, at least to me.

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