Enable PHP7 Using Wordpress and Easyengine

Today, I’ll teach you how to enable PHP 7.0 for Easyengine. This tutorial applies to users running Easyengine on their own server and not to shared hosting.

By default, your site comes equipped with PHP 5.6 but the modern standard is now PHP 7.0.

Install the PHP7 Stack

Insert the following command into the terminal:

ee stack install --php7

The output you receive should be similar to:

Restart : php7.0-fpm[OK]
Successfully installed packages

Now, you are presented with 2 options. You can create a new site to use the newly installed PHP7 or update an existing site.

Note: Replace example.com with the name of your domain.
For example: newgenmadness.com

Create a New Site

ee site create example.com --wp --php7

Update an Existing Site

ee site update example.com --php7

With either option, your output will look something like this:

PHP7.0 is experimental feature and it may not work wi
th all plugins of your site.

Type y for [y] yes and the needed configurations will be made.

Turn off or Revert to your Previous PHP Version

If you find that your themes, plugins or other tools are negatively impacted, then you can easily revert back to your previous version by typing:

ee site update example.com --php7=off

That’s all! I hope this tutorial was useful for you guys.