Quickbooks - Convert a Mac Company File to Windows

This short tutorial will teach you how to convert a Quickbooks company file (Mac) to Windows. Read on!

Launch Quickbooks and head over to the File menu > Export > Quickbooks to Windows

Verify data integrity.

If data verification fails, navigate to File > Utilities > Rebuild Data

You’ll be asked to backup your company file before attempting to rebuild data. Accept.

Rebuilding data should complete without any errors.

File > Export > to Quickbooks for Windows

You’ll be asked to verify data integrity once again. This time the process should complete successfully and you’ll be asked to give your file a name. In my case, I’ll name it QB for Windows and hit save.

Next, you must set up a password to protect the company file.

Select ‘Ok’ and once the process completes, a notification from Quickbooks will pop up informing you that the backup file was created with the .qbb extension.

You can conveniently retrieve your newly created file by choosing ‘show in finder‘ or select ‘ok’ to dismiss the notification.

This completes part 1 of the tutorial.