My thoughts on the New Gutenberg Editor

Note: This is my own opinion on the new editor, of what I’ve seen so far from my own experience using it to edit and alter old posts. This post will get updated with more information as I delve deeper into Gutenberg. 

I’m possibly the minority but I like it. As an individual that blogs directly from a mobile device (again, possibly the minority), the old editor just didn’t allow me to do much of anything (at least on the iPhone)

When working on a personal website , getting pictures to stay spaced or aligned was a mess without going into the code editor. This was a hassle! It took way longer than it needed to— especially with the headings under. I was now able to repeat the process in a few minutes without the added frustration.

I know there are tons of page builders out there that are far more superior but I don’t want the mess that comes with it. Waiting for updates or WordPress themes breaking can get annoying —fast. Yes, Gunterberg will break themes but the difference is that it will be core functionality. It won’t be supported by a third party but by WordPress itself.

With that said, I do not think  Gutenberg should be enforced as the sole alternative. It’s not for everyone and it’s not fair for those that love the classic editor and built their websites as well as their client’s work upon it. It should be an optional feature or it should work alongside the old editor. 

Is it perfect? Absolutely not. It’s quirky and glitchy at times but it’s getting me through writing this post (on my cellphone) without freezing and without making me want to pull my hair out. There’s potential for it.

Some might say… there’s a plug-in for that! I’m sure there is but running too many plugins isn’t my cup of tea. 

Complains, Glitches, etc.

10/26/18 Ver. 4.x fixed this. No way to add an external image from the URL

09/24/18 Update: The culprit has been reduced to the code snippets plugin. (Ver. 3.8.0- latest.) Using version ver. 3.7.0 doesn’t present this issue.

Update: This has been fixed by resorting to a rollback of a previous version. I have a guide on achieving this. Not at all complicated!

Screen goes blank! : This was an inconsistent issue with the previous version but as of version 3.8.0? It happens constantly and is making editing a true nightmare. Up until now I’ve been enjoying the editor (specially on mobile) but with this new version? I’ve resorted to using the classic editor (which I can’t use in mobile unless it is in code editor mode.!)

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