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Perk Ruined Apptrailers

The latest update for Apptrailers iOS version 6.0 has officially destroyed the app experience for me.

UPDATE 06/29: The app is unusable. It freezes, crashes and simply stops functioning after a few ads. The title is now consistent with this rant.

UPDATE 04/12/17: Looks like I jumped on the wagon too soon. Turns out that if you had an existing apptrailers account, which gets converted to Perk, you unlock something called ‘ Instant Paypal Rewards‘. These rewards contain old choices such as 500 points = 0.50, etc. Once you redeem, like the title implies, these rewards are sent straight to your paypal. My only complain is that there is a cap on how many times you can redeem, videos are now 2-3 minutes long., and phone verification is a must for those redeeming.

Don’t get me wrong: Apptrailers has always been a glitchy but rewarding experience. I used to make 1,000 points a day, which is the equivalent of $1.00, sent instantly to my paypal account.

With the newest update, I’m forced to create a Perk account and redeem via a 3rd party source. What takes the cake? 500 points was the minimum asked for redemptions, which was the equivalent of 50¢. Any extra points accrued were added based on Apptrailers terms. For example: 1,000 points = $1.00, 5,000 points= $5.00. The great thing was that the minimum was always 50 cents. You did not have to gain $5.00 to be rewarded.

What does this new update bring to the table?

Outrageous changes. Perk points are highly devalued, so $5.00 is now 9,000 points. Those are $4.00 that Perk takes for themselves. Before, you used to be able to do a daily scratch for a chance to win 20 points, sacrifice 10 points for a chance to win 50 points, and sacrifice 1,000 points for a chance to win 5,000 points. All these type of scratchers are now gone without any explanation.

This was my to go to beermoney app. Now, I’m forced to make 9,000 points just as the minimum to cash out, 3rd party redeem system, no bonuses, and videos are now 3-4 minutes long. Ridiculous. Sadly, I don’t think this will change as there will always be users that will micromanage their devices for pennies. This isn’t the end of Apptrailers, but the end of a passive beermoney future. More and more apps are following Perk as a prime example for their business model.

If you think I’m the only dissatisfied user, please take a look at the negative reviews in the AppStore. Apptrailers went from 3.5 stars to 1 as soon as the newest update rolled out.


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