Tamagotchi Classic

I started playing Tamagotchi Classic by Bandai.
It is priced at $0.99 in the AppStore and a true remake of the classic

Note: As a kid, I never played past generation 1 and with school and early bed time and the ocasional drop, it never really made it to its home planet.

Update: My Tamagotchi toy was revived and a care guide and progress log can be found here.

I’m using the app in toy mode which displays the classic 3 buttons and egg shell. There’s a basic tutorial on how to use the app mode and toy mode. 

This post will get updated each time I make progress.

Hatch an Egg

The first step to raising a tamagotchi is to hatch an egg. When you first launch the app, you’ll be greeted by a screen that says Touch to start and once you click on it, you’ll be presented with an egg. Seconds later, the egg breaks and babytchi pops out!
Baby Stage (0 Years old)

At the baby stage, tamagotchi requires tons of attention. It will beep at you a lot, be prepared!
My tamagotchi beeped at me 5 times every 2 minutes or so!
Marutchi (1 Year Old)

Care Icons

Feed: Food time! Marked by a knife and fork ? icon

Meal (Fills up hunger)

Snack (Fills up happiness) < An easier alternative to playing a game with your tamagotchi but it will gain extra weight faster.
Light: Sleep Time marked by a lightbulb icon ?

There are 2 options: on & off. 

Generally: You turn off the light whenever the tamagotchi is asleep and turn it back on if it beeps at you.
Play : Marked by a Ball and Baseball bat icon ⚾️ 

The games offered vary but the gist of it is that you have to let the tamagotchi win for it to feel happy. This is easier in app mode.
In toy mode: You play a ‘guessing’ game with your tamagotchi and have to guess the direction the tamagotchi will turn towards.
In the app mode: You play a game of rock, paper, scissors. 
Medicine: A syringe icon. Whenever you didn’t clean away the poop, (and time has elapsed) – a Skull will appear beside the tamagotchi. This is a scenario where medicine would need to be used.
Duck: Represented by a duck icon found typically in a bathtub, this is known as the ‘cleaning’ care icon. Use it whenever your tamagotchi poops. 
Health meter: Represented as a weight scale, this shows you vital information in the caring of your tamagotchi.

– Year /Weight

– Discipline bar 

– Hunger

– Happiness 
Discipline: Marked as an icon that resembles Pac-Man yelling. Discipline is a bit tricky but you need to discipline your tamagotchi if:

– Won’t eat even though it’s hungry.

– Won’t play even though it’s not happy.

– Beeps at you even though it is not hungry or unhappy

– Won’t take his medicine even though it is sick. (?)
Attention: The last icon is for the usage of the tamagotchi to beep at you when se it needs something.
My Progress

Day 1

Babytchi hatched and Marutchi is now in my care!

Day 6 – Evolution!

Evolved into Mametchi.

Bed time has been switched to 10pm!