True Face

Loosing previous times over unimportant matters.

Staying in the darkness while the light of day fades away.

Chasing unimportant things while important faces flash by.

Realizing one day it may be too late to change this regret.


Rain ..Rain

Rain… rain go away

Come back another day.

You are destroying my house.

Can’t even see outside.

Sounds like someone’s stomping

It’s just the hail that’s gone mad.

Got holes on my roof and on my pockets too. 

Pool day is ruined because Zeus is too busy trying to smite us.

AC Unit is ruined, it’s an emergency, it’s a catastrophe but it’s too damn dangerous to send someone out there.

Rain .. Rain .. Come back some other day.



When the clock froze,So did my life.

I was standing still, 

While the world blinked past me in blurring speed.

Months turned to years,

And change never came.

I felt oppression press hard on my chest.

I was suffocating in the desert,

While the world seemed to be washed away by the sea.

I was mad in my lonesomeness , while the world was lonesome in their madness.

I anticipated an end that never came,

Because I had already died in life

A walking shell, dreamless, and exhausted, but at last adjusted to reality
A reality which came far too quickly.
—a.a (©2017 all rights reserved.)