The Cat Brings a Gift

I want to say it was a roach but it was legless, limp and with a vacant yet accusing glare.

A glare that screamed… How could you have let me die in this terrible agony?!

How indeed! But the truth remains that I was snuggled up in my blankets while the carnage was happening downstairs. 

I heard the click clack of rapidly moving feline toes but thought nothing of it. 

I’m sure the snake, lizard and cricket all feel the same way about their common enemy: The Cat : as they have all suffered such fate.

I’m partly to blame I’m sure. No scolding or shouts, but plenty of love to go around! 

If I were honest the guilt does trip me at times, some disgust in the mix but deep in my heart I know fluffy can do no wrong 🙂


True Face

Loosing previous times over unimportant matters.

Staying in the darkness while the light of day fades away.

Chasing unimportant things while important faces flash by.

Realizing one day it may be too late to change this regret.


The White Prince

The prince made of bones.

Rides a white carriage

Sits in a white throne.

Lips muffled with lies.

Blind pools of Amber 

And red stained white robes.


(Spanish Trabslation by me/ Traducido por mi:) 

El Príncipe Blanco 

El príncipe hecho de huesos.

Montado en una carroza blanca.

Sentado en un trono blanco.

Labios que amortiguan mentiras.

Ciegos charcos de ámbar.

Y blancas vestiduras manchadas con rojo.