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Five (Free) Apps You Should Be Using In Your Instagram Strategy

In a world saturated by millions of users that are striving to reach the top, you need a way to stand out from the competition. These five apps will help you get a head-start.

Instagram Stories

If you are looking for simple, elegant or chic, StoryChic has you covered ranging from free to paid templates. I’ve used the free version but it really does add a dramatic flair to your Instagram Stories. Similar apps I comfortably use interchangeably are Instories and StoryArt.

Instories provides an elegant solution to animated Instagram stories. The interface is very easy to use and the free templates are more than enough to get by. Templates that are not free are clearly labeled as pro but you can still try them out. You will not be allowed to export them, however. Subscription (for access to all the paid templates) starts at $9.99 a month or $48.99 a year.

Preview your Feed

Keeping a cohesive feed can be challenging specially without knowing what your feed is going to look like at a glance or overtime. Preview takes care of all that by allowing you to preview a mockup of your Instagram feed. You do not need to login. It has a series of free and paid filters you can apply to photos and with its preview feature, you are able to get a definite answer on what works and doesn’t at a glance.

Highlight Covers!

Chic Instagram stories. Cohesive feed. Check. What’s next? Highlight covers! Easily overlooked, highlight covers are responsible for completing the branding illusion. HighlightCovers is an app that offers free and paid templates but their free version offers enough functionality to get the job done— such as custom backgrounds. To unlock all premium features (and remove ads), a one-time purchase of $6.99 is needed. StoryArt also offers highlight covers with free and paid templates but no ads.

This is more or less a basic overview of the recommended apps and it’s up to you to explore their unique functionality!

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