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Unicorn Cereal Milk (Slime)

I recently purchased a slime from So Sweet Slime and this is the honest opinion of my review.

Rating: 4.5/5


Container: 4oz

Color: White but the addition of colored foam beads and other additions give it a splash of lilac/lavander.

Texture: Semi sticky but not under-activated. Activator wasn’t necessary for playing with it. Bulky because it is filled with large and small foam beads as well as other additions.

Scent: Smells like fruity yogurt. There’s no hint of ‘slime-like’ or glue scent anywhere.

Stretchy: Semi. Not crazy stretchy but doesn’t break right away.

Extras: Unicorn Cereal Milk came with candy and a small packet of activator (Borax) in case it was needed, as well as a unicorn charm.

Shipping: considerably fast.

Bead-Fallout: Nearly none.

Price: $8.00

Initial Thoughts

Upon first opening the lid, I was greeted with white because all the foam beads and extra additions had accumulated at the very bottom. I poked it a few times and stretched the slime until everything was mixed in. Upon storing the slime back in the container, the purple foam beads now show up at the top (very much like in the picture display.)

Why do I slime?

Poking and stretching slime not only alleviates my stress but it soothes the ache in my joints.

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