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Wondershop White Chocolate Birthday Cake | Mini Review

Featured in this image is my Kindle Paperwhite eReader with a MoKo case and a box of Wondershop White Chocolate flavored Birthday Cake that I got from Target. How could I pass up white chocolate when it contains my favorite flavor ?

I tried it and this is what I think about it.

Disclaimer: This post contains no affiliate links nor is it sponsored. These are just the honest thoughts from a foodie lover.

It’s a mini bark as claimed but heavy and thick white chocolatey goodness. One box was enough for me and even that feels like too much. Apart from the white chocolate, I couldn’t taste the birthday cake unless it was meant to be a visual burst of color. On to the colorful additions, the colorful beads were tiny but hard.

For a $1.00 chocolate, this was a great purchase and the perfect companion to my current read: Eleanor & Park.

I review anything and everything I purchase honestly.

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