Patchwork - Movie Review

Patchwork, directed by Tyler MacIntyre is  a combination of black humor and horror crafted into 1h26m of entertainment. It is the perfect time killer for those that can appreciate a crude sense of humor, irony and a bit of gore.

Three women discover they’ve been murdered, dismembered and sewn back together. Once the initial shock wears off, the three women, respectively Jennifer (Tory Stolper),  Ellie (Tracey Fair) and Madeleine (Maria Blasucci) share the same body and must work together to figure out who did this to them and enact revenge.

The concept of the movie is interesting enough but Patchwork never aspires to be a stellar production or having an intricate plot and even the title is a dead giveaway. The story is rather fast-paced and straight forward, focusing not on the women’s personal agony of being stitched together but rather—their rage as they go on a bloody rampage. Each of these women is responsible for controlling a specific body part. Ellie can move a foot, Madeline a hand and Jennifer most of the body—and there’s a perfectly good reason for this strange arrangement. At first, we are led to believe the three are a byproduct of a psychopath’s fantasy— as the three women find themselves in some type of hospital like facility. The antagonist is not revealed to us until the very end and by then we have a very not so subtle hint of what has really happened.

Each of these women, like the body parts they controlled, played a very specific role. They were ‘chosen’ and were easy prey due to their own personal flaws.