Joker - A Short Movie Review

This is not just an action movie, fueled by violence. It is so much more than that.

I was blown away by Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as the Joker.

The story follows into the life of Arthur Fleck, a failed, aspiring comedian living with his mother, Penny Fleck. Thrown into the uncaring, impoverished society of Gotham city, Fleck is constantly bullied and taken advantage of. Arthur suffers from a condition of spontaneous and inappropriate laughter that does not actually match the emotional state of the individual. This condition is the harbinger of many unpleasant and disturbing situations, leading to excessive violence and abuse toward those that are weaker or do not fit the ideal systematic circle. With funding cut off and medication stopped, an already unstable Fleck begins to crack.

Joker’s slow descend into madness was not orchestrated or predictable and there were moments where I questioned how Arthur Fleck was going to become the chaotic mastermind known as Joker.

The finale was breathtaking, beautifully executed. Every piece connected and even some scenes seemed torn straight out of a comic book page.

As a Joker fanatic, I found myself thoroughly satiated.

What are short movie reviews?

I often find that I can’t put any real depth or length to my movie reviews and that’s fine. Bottom line, I strive to remain as ‘genuine’ and spoiler-free as possible.