Here are Four Reasons Why You Should Watch Netflix's Klaus

Here are Four Reasons Why You Should Watch Netflix's Klaus

I recently watched Klaus on Netflix, an animated Christmas-themed movie. Below, I’ve listed four reasons why I think this movie should be in your ‘must watch’ list.

The Visuals: A combination of hand-drawn and computer-generated techniques which made the visuals of the movie stunning yet detailed while not suffering from an overly artificial ‘look’. The lighting techniques and color palette was something that easily left me in awe. The tones and shades utilized were a great mood-setter, varying from scene to scene.

Witty and Clever. Every character had an important role to play in the story— from the spoiled postman to the disappointed teacher-turned-fishmonger to the very isolated, tragic Klaus himself. There was also the captain of the ship and while he played a minor role, his dry humor and sarcasm often brought a much needed touch of humor. 

Traditions. The core values of the movie is traditions— from the way the hermit of a toy maker comes to be, to the eccentric laughter and even to the ‘flying sled led by magical reindeer’. Beyond the little quirky flashes of what makes Klaus Santa Claus as he has come to be known, great importance is shown in traditional values. The movie places great emphasis in the words ‘A true act of goodwill always sparks another‘. This is true for Jesper, whose actions though fueled by self-interest at first begin to spark true acts of goodwill among the children and quickly spreading to the feuding neighbors. 

The Christmas Spirit. If there is something I can say with one hundred percent certainty was that the movie Klaus captured the essence of the Christmas spirit to a T. The emphasis isn’t on the toy or presents but the why that lingers underneath. Mr. Klaus’ actions aren’t fueled by greed and self-interest. He’s not ‘out to get something’ and his selfless actions are what eventually transforms him into the legend he has come to be known as today.