48 Christmas Wishes - Movie Review

Score: Negative

When a small town’s letters to Santa accidentally go up in smoke, two elves venture out of the North Pole to retrieve every missing wish.

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48 Christmas Wishes Movie (Screencaps)

Forget the horrible, over the top acting. This movie is cringe-worthy. Typically, I can digest bad acting in exchange of comic relief, a concept.. Something!

There was none of that. Not even the typical emotion evoked from the sort of single mother raising two children alone. Plot? What plot? Mindy, a moody elf girl accidentally destroys a bag of wishes up at the North Pole and Cam and her are force to retrieve it in order to ‘save’ Christmas. Paired with a walkie-talkie and a very cheery human companion, Blake, we are forced to endure cringe, over-played clichés and really…and I mean really …bad acting.

There are almost no conflicts presented in the movie and the scenes are very stiff and painful to watch. This might be an okay movie for a much audience with no notion of what bad acting is but in my opinion, there are older and newer titles that do a much better job. Again… not all movies carry that fake, cheery Christmas spirit but the concept of the movie should in the very least be able to salvage bad acting.

Duration: 1hr 27m

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