Compulsive Gambler - First Impression

I thought it would be a boring sort of manga as gambling it’s not something I’m personally interested in. However, the gambles taking place at Hyakkaou Private Academy are not ordinary. You might loose your status and be subjected to cruel bullying, or you might just have your nails ripped out in some sadistic bet against a rich schoolmate. What is interesting about this manga is not just the absurd and sometimes inhumane bets but the opponents themselves. They have all gone through extremes in order to cheat, even to the point of piercing their own hands to keep the trick going.

The manga is titled Kakegurui or Compulsive Gambler for a reason as the main focus of attention, Yumeko Jabami is an impulsive gambler. Sharp and astute, she relies on pure intelligence and madness to win. When she first transferred, she was challenged by Mary Saotome as tradition. She was to become a house pet which is the title used for those who loose in gambling and can not pay back their debt.

The manga revolves around gambling but the games are always changing and so are the rules. The women in this manga go from cute and attractive to downright frightening, often reduced to sobs or rage. Yumeko rarely looses her nerve and unlike her opponents, she relies on pure tactic and luck, and the thought of loosing a considerable sum or even remaining fingerless for the rest of her life is exciting for her. Perhaps, the most dangerous person the main character encounters is Yumeko herself who is shown not only to be an astute gambler, but also sadistic.

This manga falls under psychological, shounen, drama and school life. The art is detailed. The women are well endowed and there are plenty of panty shots but that’s just fan service. The focus is the game and how much a person is willing to risk and loose.

This is an ongoing manga but this was my first impression based on what I’ve seen so far.