Online – The Comic

Yashiro Mai is just your average office worker—that is until she receives a video game console in the mail and is forced to play a game called ‘nightmare’. Participation refusal results in the death of your loved ones. Real world body parts cease functioning as a penalty for in-game deaths.

Compulsive Gambler – First Impression

I thought it would be a boring sort of manga as gambling it’s not something I’m personally interested in. However, the gambles taking place at Hyakkaou Private Academy are not ordinary. You might loose your status and be subjected to cruel bullying, or you might just have your nails ripped out in some sadistic bet against […]

Killing Stalking Manhwa – First Impressions

I was browsing through the horror manga collection and I came across this little gem. It’s an adult malexmale (yaoi) web toon called Killing Stalking Manhwa. Our main characters are Sangwoo And Yoon Bum. There is blood, adult scenes, violence and gore. There is plenty of psychological abuse and horror. Yoon Bum is an awkward, […]

Soredemo Wa Utsukushii

My late manga recommendation this Monday is Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii otherwise known as ‘ The World is Still Beautiful.’ This manga falls under shoujo but I’ve throughoutly enjoyed myself. You must first get past the fact that the main character’s (17/18?) love partner is an 11/15 year old boy king. Though awkward at first, […]