Anatomical Anomalies by Isabella Alston

• Short read, like the title implies ‘mini book’ packed with tons of graphical images.

• Photographs/Graphics: They did great justice to each of the anomalies contained in the book and often served as great reference.

• There’s not much scientific/medical input when it comes to the anomalies themselves. The book solely focuses on the type of people that suffered from these anomalies and the hardships they endured. (I wish she’d gone into more detail as to the anomalies themselves but it was still a very interesting read.)

• The author keeps it short and sweet but doesn’t add unnecessary personal opinions, comments or footnotes. ( Personally, unless highly necessary, opinions should be kept out of nonfiction books.)

• The writing itself was easy to understand and straightforward. The pace didn’t feel rushed by any means.

• This book can be finished in one hour—1 day depending on your schedule.