King's Game - Episode 2

Episode 2: Chaos ( Scars Disorder )

Honestly, I never gave it a single thought to how depressed I’d be if one of my friends died.”

Nobuaki begins to tell his new classmates about what happened the last time he played the King’s Game. 

—- Spoilers after this line.

We are taken through a flashback of Nobuaki’s old classmates. The orders started out simple: Toyota Hideki will touch Ishii Satomi’s chest. The whole class accused Hideki of having sent those texts in order to grope Satomi’s chest. In the end, due to Satomi’s reluctance and the entire class’ objection, Hideki retreated. The order wasn’t completed and the next day, the class was informed of the tragic passing of the two—who had hung themselves, much like the punishment described by the ‘king’. After the first casualty, Nobuaki’s old classmates begin to realize this is no prank and their lives might be in danger.

The next set of orders applied to Nakajima Misaki, Yahiro Shouta’s girlfriend— who was to have sex with Tazaki Daisuke. Despite the first casualties, Nobuaki and Chiemi Honda attempt to assure Misaki that the King’s game is not real and Shouta intervenes by threatening to break up with Misaki and to kill Daisuke should the two carry on with the King’s orders. Nobuaki tries to calm Shouta down who in turn replies with “Shut up! What would you do if you were in my shoes?” This is of course a foreshadowing of what is to come later on.

Nobuaki begins to recall Satomi and Hideki and although Hideki looked rough, he is described to have been a good guy. At that moment, a text comes through from the king ‘ obedience confirmed ‘ which means Misaki and Daisuke had sex. At that moment, Chiemi asks what Nobuaki would do if they were in Shouta and Misaki’s shoes and Nobuaki responds bluntly that there’s no way in hell he could go through with something like that.

The next day, another order comes through ‘ Yahiro Shouta will give an order of his choice in front of the class. Whoever is given the order will follow it as if it’s an order from the king.’ The morning starts out with a violent outburst from a livid Shouta who pummels Daisuke to the ground. Nobuaki holds him back from dealing forth any more violence but Shouta, announcing his authority as King, orders Daisuke to hang himself and die. At that moment, the order is repeated instantly through various text messages. Nobuaki, angered that Shouta allowed his temper to get the best of him, confronts and even starts to get a little violent himself before Chiemi intervenes. We learn that in spite of coming from a family of doctors, Daisuke’s dream is to be the lead vocal in a band. Nobuaki, declaring that they share the same dream proposes to ‘rock on’ all night, explaining that if both Naoya and him are there, there’s no way Daisuke could possibly hang himself. Daisuke’s house shows the wealth of his family but the sound proofed room he takes Naoya and Nobuaki to shows his passion for music. The three continue to have band practice well until midnight and Daisuke, after a small celebration of being alive, excuses himself to get himself and the other two some refreshments. Chiemi’s call comes through to ask about Daisuke’s well-being and we learn from Chiemi that it is ‘almost midnight’ indicating that the clock they were keeping track of was ahead by a few minutes. At that moment, the king’s text comes through indicating that Tazaki Daisuke’s obedience is confirmed. Nobuaki finds that Daisuke has indeed hung himself and we are taken back to the present.

Teruaki, after having heard the sinister details of the story, reaches for Natsuko saying that he doesn’t wish to suffer the same fate. Natsuko clings to Nobuaki, crying and begging—desperate for a solution but Nobuaki admits that there’s nothing he can do. Here’s where Natsuko shows her true colors after realizing that Nobuaki is telling the truth. She proceeds to undress and declares that she will have sex right there if it means her survival. Nobuaki tries to interfere and she pulls him to the woods for some ‘private talk’. Natsuko demands to know Nobuaki’s plan who tells her that in spite of everything they put him through, he wishes to work together to try and save his new classmates. This answer angers Natsuko who explains that ‘being human is about caring for yourself more than others’. In order to teach Nobuaki a lesson, Natsuko begins to scream for help, declaring that Nobuaki suddenly ‘attacked her’. Despite his attempts to defend himself, Aimi takes Natsuko’s side and Teruaki is hesitant to squeal, throwing Nobuaki right into the boiling pot of angered classmates. While his new classmates are too busy trying to lynch him, Natsuko attempts to manipulate Mizuki, demanding that she sends Nobuaki the text to ‘die’. The whole class ceases what they are doing to question her (finally) and Natsuko coldly explains that it was one of the king’s orders that Mizuki was to send two people the text ‘die’ in which the affected targets would indeed lose their lives. While she is busy manipulating Mizuki, the whole class begins to take notice of the ‘changed Natsuko’. Nobuaki, silently pleads for help and at that moment we hear Akamatsu Kenta’s voice shouting for him.