Kakegurui XX (Season 2) Review

Kakegurui XX (Season 2) Review

I’d been putting off the second season of Gambling Maniac but like the first season, I was pleasantly shocked with how the season advanced.

Season 2 revolves around the presidential election, orchestrated by the current president, Kirari Momobami. There’s a catch, however. It’s not just the academy that’s being gambled away but the right to rule over the entire Momobami clan as well.

Specific Highlights:

Yumeko Jabami was full of surprises but she wasn’t only after her own gain or ‘a stimulating game’. Her decisions and moves often forced other gamblers not only to reveal their cheating tactics but the ugliness of desperation. Money and fame were not enough to save Yumeko’s opponents from being thrown into the highest risk bets or sudden death moves. While Yumeko was especially fierce this time around, she didn’t take all the spotlight. Mary Saotome made an impressive comeback in this round and we even got to see a bit of Itsuki Sumeragi and Ryota.

We get to see another side of Kirari Momobami. In the first season, I was disappointed with the final gamble and we weren’t given a deeper glance into the current president’s life. While this season doesn’t particularly reveal any secrets, we find out more about the Momobami clan in general.

Every single individual is vicious, ready to betray and swallow up one another and this is the world in which Kirari was raised. Even though Kirari is cold and manipulative, she’s even unpredictable and hated in the very clan she rules over. We finally begin to understand the complex relationship between Sayaka and the president and Episode 10: The Logical Girl was one I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Momobami clan is full of strategic sharks that end up being tragic if not pitiful. As Kawaru Natari said “I walk a path of destruction or victory.” and each of the members of the clan adheres to these unspoken rules in their own way. They are vicious because they have to be but are not exactly full-to-the-core rotten individuals.

Former Vice President, Ririka also made an appearance but like Saotome’s annoyance toward this girl, I also found myself unimpressed.

Season 2 of Kakegurui XX was intense until the very end. I have to admit there wasn’t a single dull moment while watching the series. As always, the show makes an excellent depiction of the ugly and monstrous side of pretty or beautiful girls when they get their “gambling freak on“.

Rating: Positive

Have you watched Kakegurui? What were your thoughts on it?