The Sea

Pallid and dainty, that’s how she appeared. Rosy cheeks and a fragile smile. Expressive and tormented were those pairs of icy blues. A tender maiden he had saved from drowning, sheltered in his submarine; added to the current expedition. In search of a monstrous shark they were, one that had left bloodless corpses and shriveled and dried up body parts. A spectacular procession, quite befuddling indeed.

Excitement to hunt the unknown, unknowingly lured into the trap of the unknown. The first passenger went missing that same day, and a bloodless corpse- one who appeared deflated- was found the next morning. A terrible tragedy, the medic had gone and off were the experts..the only ones onboard.

The maiden was pallid and sickly looking since the night before, but there was just the tiniest of a healthy blush on her cheeks. She was coy and charming and thankful to be saved by her ‘ prince ‘ — and the only one she didn’t murder and devour out of respect. He was most appalled to discover she was the monster, but he witnessed in clear sight as she hovered over a crumpled man. From the delicate skin protruded tendrils, thin enough to penetrate the fallen man’s flesh. Five sharp tendrils for each designated spot. One for the forehead, one for each elbow, and one for each ankle. Oh the man could not utter a sound. Shock and revulsion were two of the closest emotions. Nauseous and unstable, he staggered backwards, met with the wall, his only support. The corpse shriveled up once the blood had gone, and his only live companion was gone.

There was no monstrous shark to blame for the carnage, only a nearly drowned maiden. Perhaps a siren, but he heavily doubted.

— A.A

A Short, Halloween Writing Excerpt

There was nothing more that they could have done. The proof was there for all to see. The sight in front of them had rendered them all speechless. The man was covered from head to toe in blood. There was no doubt. What he was cradling under his arm appeared to be the detached head of his wife. Lips were still parted as if in mid argument and a shocked but stern expression crumpled up her otherwise handsome features. The man’s tears were streaming and his misery-painted features were deceitful at best.


How to Map A Subdomain to Tumblr Using

Today’s tutorial will teach you how to map a subdomain to Tumblr using, not to be confused with Mapping a domain or subdomain to Tumblr is completely free of cost, provided you have a domain in the first place.

The first thing you’ll want to do is log-in to your account. ‘ My Sites ‘ and scroll down until you reach a section that reads ‘ Configure ‘ > Click on ‘ Domains ‘

You’ll be presented with a list of your purchased/mapped domains.
Click on the domain you wish to make a subdomain from.

A subdomain is a subdivision of an existing domain.
For example, my domain is and I wish to make a photography subdomain. My subdomain would read as , or even (if I wanted to choose that path). Popular examples include

Once you have your chosen subdomain, you are ready to proceed. For this tutorial, I will be choosing

Click on DNS records > Add a new DNS record > A Record > For name: Blog (In my case) > Points to66.6.44.4 > Add ‘ New DNS Record ‘ once you are finished.

You are done with Time to create or log into your Tumblr account.

You’ll be presented with the Tumblr dashboard. You need to make a click on the icon that looks like a person or similar to the Apple contacts icon.

There will be two tabs that read ‘ Account ‘ or ‘Tumblrs ‘.
Scroll below ‘ Tumblrs ‘ and choose your blog. Click on ‘ Edit Appearance
< Make a click on the ‘ pencil ‘ icon. > Use Custom Domain

Write out your subdomain: in my case – and click on Test. You should be getting a message that says ‘ It’s Good ‘

Simply hit ‘save’ and your changes will be reflected automatically the next time you visit your Tumblr.

I have tried to make this tutorial as easy as possible but if you have any doubts or questions, feel free to add on the comments below.