Short Story :Sleep paralysis /1221/1003

I was attacked by something in the morning. It was choking me and took a hold of my person as if to drag me away. I know it intended to kill me by the ferocity of its strength. I couldn’t open my eyes, nor budge from my spot. There was a growl, and it sounded faint but terrifying. My body was assaulted with nausea but all I could do was pray in increments of fives, faster than I could breathe. One padre nuestro, One Ave Maria, One Gloria Al Padre, rinse and repeat until on the fifth time, I was allowed to breathe momentarily. Five more times, and the creature was either satisfied enough it had accomplished what it came to do, or perhaps it was repelled by the incessant praying. 

Not once did I open my eyes to find out its nature, what it was composed of… or if it even had a material definition. The entire time I was feeling unnaturally cold, almost as if suddenly the upper part of my body was freezing while the rest laid comfortably nestled under the blankets. An odd feeling, no doubt.

I woke up nauseous and oddly disoriented but there were no marks. No proof. A vivid nightmare? Or a true psychic attack? I couldn’t know for sure and I had no intention to investigate the source. Maybe those websites I had visited the night before -detailing dark conspiracy theories about Disney were true? The brainwashing, LSD, missing or possibly abducted children, or the use of the movie Fantasia to program individuals into developing mpd to create slaves for high degree masons?

I shook my head with a laugh, mocking myself. Right.. And what are the chances of anyone on the Internet unknown taking interest in little ol’ me? Even better…Why would any of those theories be truthful? It sounded like a rather creative way to keyword stuff and achieve higher rankings in the Web. Still shaking my head, I made my way to the kitchen. I needed a strong dose of caffeine and possibly a good book to push all the nonsense of conspiracy theories and unknown, growling monsters that could have murdered me in my sleep – away from my head.


(©2016 all rights reserved.)

Writing Excerpt : Nameless 

He padded the corridors impatiently, with only a dim light overhead to guide his path. The floor was wet and sticky with a substance he dare not name. Pale irises were dilated with the fear that paralyzed half of his body, while the other half kept moving ahead almost robotically. Trembling fingers reached for his temple, then lowered to where the tip of his ear shell should have been, but was only met with the rough and irregular shape of what was left. The rest having been chewed and was now digesting in the belly of his anonymous attacker. His attacker had no name, no face, no eyeballs…no distinguishable human features….

—A.A all rights reserved ©2016

Writing Prompt : Old Age 

I dream of a world where nothing matters.

Where it is not obligatory to have a hero to look up to.

I dream of a world that no longer exists. 

A fantasy stained black and white with everything shifting to black blotches of ink over faceless white pages

Time seems cruel and determined to serve me last. 


(©all rights reserved 2016.)

Short Story: Just Another

He died on a moonless night with no one to witness the pathetic but desperate event. A cry for attention, or perhaps a somber reply to society’s demands. The rope was too tight around his neck, constricting and yet he felt weightless, as vacant as the sliver of spirit left in him. Witnessing his mortality left him breathlessquite literally.  Read more