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Depression Opression

today i woke up depressed. / The need to do absolutely nothing was present. /

Ushi no koku

Ushi no koku—the “hour of the ox”—is the Japanese equivalent of the witching hour

The Pocket Book of Death

Romans often put coins in the mouths of the dead. The coins were your fare for crossing the River Styx…

Weather 101

Long spells of gray winter weather can lead to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a malady that . . .

Monster Behind the Portrait

She speaks behind an old portrait, situated on a bathroom at the end of the hallway, murmuring about her death. . .

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Monsters Among Us

“Yenaldlooshi—practitioners of a certain type of dark magic whose counterparts may be found in many different Native American tribes. The term means, loosely, something like

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Awake on command, Nothing but my plight to keep me going. Heartless escapades, Leaving me restless and drained. — meepingblog

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Items I'm Loving


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