Organize your PS Vita Screenshots by Game Folders + Bulk Transfer to PC

This guide is intended for those that have a modded PS Vita. Modding your PS Vita is not discussed in this post or any part of this site. I found the process too tedious and redundant to write about when so many others have already described the process perfectly. Here's a clean and easy video guide that I followed if you are interested in modding your PS Vita. (It covers: PS Vita modding, VitaShell and AutoPlugin II installation.)

If you do not have a modded console, this guide will do nothing for you. As always with any modifications, you are responsible for your own actions and console.

You will need:
FileZilla (Free SFTP/FTP software)
AutoPlugin2 or knowledge on how to install plugins manually (not covered here)

Let’s get to it.

One of my biggest pet peeves has always been opening VitaShell, navigating to ux0:/picture/SCREENSHOT and finding a bunch of random/nonsensical folders with my screenshots divided between all of them. Good luck finding anything!

On to the guide.

Remember when you used to have to manually install each plugin and change the path? The new way is ~painless.

Launch Auto Plugin II > Find reScreeny > (X) to install > Exit (The PS Vita will reboot)

reScreeny is the plugin that will create game folders for our screenshots.

This part stumped me a bit. The plugin creator clearly demonstrate that they take a screenshot using L + R + SELECT and yet it didn’t work for my PS Vita 2000. After much fiddling around, convinced I had installed it incorrectly, I decided to take a screenshot the classic way: PS button + Start— and that was the solution. My guess is that the creator is using an older PS Vita or something changed later on. I’m not familiar with the old model. Whatever the method that works for you, be aware that the console should flash in the same way as when you take a screenshot.. otherwise it’s not working.

Optional: Save your PS Vita Screenshots as Uncompressed PNGs

Launch Auto Plugin II > Find pngshot > (X) to install > Exit (The PS Vita will reboot)

pngshot is responsible for giving us the ability to save our screenshots as uncompressed PNGs and does not conflict with reScreeny.

No extra steps are needed. Simply take screenshots as you normally would.

Test the Process

To test this process, take several screenshots from different games. You will find that each screenshot is found in ux0:/picture/SCREENSHOT under their corresponding game title (even if the title is in Japanese) and a folder is created for /Other when you are not taking a screenshot inside a game.

On to the second part of this guide.

Transfer your PS Vita Screenshots to PC Using VitaShell and FileZilla

Install FileZilla if you haven’t.

Launch VitaShell > START > SELECT button: FTP

Press the SELECT button and you will be given a prompt that reads: FTP server is now running at (IP address used here is as an example. Each person will get assigned a different local IP address.)

Using our fiction IP address, we fill the settings as follow in FileZilla while leaving username and password blank:

Host:  Port: 3000 > Quickconnect

Navigate to ux0:/picture/SCREENSHOT

Our work here is done. All game screenshots show under their corresponding folders. Go ahead and bulk or selectively transfer what you need.