Little Witch in the Woods | Early Access

Little Witch in the Woods is available as Early Access on Steam and as game preview on the Xbox Game Pass. It is scheduled to release sometime on 2023.

I tested the game with the Xbox Game Pass.

You play as Ellie, an apprentice witch on her way to Highlion. Along with her talking witch hat, Virgil, you get to explore a beautiful and cozy magical forest as well as restore a village in ruins. Along the way, you will meet fantastic creatures, strange fauna and quirky characters.

Points of Interest

2D pixel  graphics make every sprite and animation absolutely adorable.

Filling the Encyclopedia: Ellie uses her quill to draw and fill the encyclopedia with every new creature, plant, potion, etc. that she meets/learns.

Crafting Potions: This is a very fun and creative aspect of the game. Tools of the trade include an Extractor, Roaster, Cauldron and Workbench vs just having a simple cauldron. Each recipe has heat and ladle requirements as well as specific instructions for brewing a potion.

Light puzzles keep you on your feet without tipping you to stress.  This is the perfect game to unwind, whether you choose to explore and roam mindlessly or craft potions to sell or even stick to the main storyline.


Use your broomstick instead of sprinting when you unlock it as you need stamina to gather ingredients or complete other important actions.

Sleeping does not auto-save the game. You need to save your progress at the desk or avoid losing game progress.

Linked below are some of my Gameplay.