Ootd Cover 01 05 2020

Outfit of the Day 01-05-2020

Another attempt at outfit of the day. This time, I’m wearing the clothes for those that are curious!~

This post is not sponsored nor am I affiliated with the brands mentioned. This post does contain affiliate links and clicking on said-links will help support this blog at no additional cost to you. All opinions are respectfully my own.

The Blouse

I’m in love with this blouse by Japna. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact model for this blouse. I think I’ve come to accept that my preference lies in blouses that have big, puffed-up sleeves, accentuating the hands and tight around the waist. I have no choice but to refer to this type of blouse as the princely sort and I’m living for it.

Ootd Blouse 01 05 2020

The blouse is a neutral color which can easily be paired with reds, oranges, maroon and other sort of dark colors. Seriously, it goes with anything!~ 🙂

The Jeans

Jeans are by Celebrity Pink and I got them from Dillard’s. I love how comfortable they feel around the legs without being loose or too tight as in the case of average skinny jeans. They are just perfect! (at least for me)

I couldn’t find the exact type of color but Mid-Rise Basic Skinny Pants is exactly like the one I am wearing and then I’ve listed other models (same brand) that I think could also fit with this look.

The Boots

Now on to the boots. They are by Vince Camuto and I got them from Nordstrom Rack. When it comes to shoes, I’m picky, striving both toward elegance and comfort but any type of boots in the brown palettes should help complete the look.. even a pair of nice high heels.

This time I found the exact model: Fretiza Suede Block Heel Bootie and color but I’ve also listed some alternatives for you guys 🙂

The Complete Look

Ootd 01 05 2020

What did you think of OOTD? Do you have any pieces by the brands mentioned?

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Ootd Cover 01 05 2020

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