OOTD – December 22/2019

Catherine Maladrino Shoes
Catherine Maladrino Shoes

Shoes are by Catherine Malandrino. These are extremely comfortable and adaptable to your foot. I personally love sharp, pointy shoes though these aren’t as sharp as what I usually wear. I fell in love with them at first sight.

Chico's Pullover in white

Next up, it’s this pullover by Chico’s (an older model so I couldn’t find it to be able to link it. I’m sorry) This is a nice, lighter fabric with delicate trims of gold. It’s perfect for some long, gold earrings.

Finally, the jeans are by Nobody Denim which is an Australian brand.

I got the shoes from Macy’s Backstage so it was a steal. I tried them on and fell in love with how comfortable they were.

The Chico’s pullover was a gift and jeans were gifted to me by someone that was getting rid of new clothes they’d been hoarding for awhile. They were brand new when I got them but I will say they are not super stretchy. It’s one of those cases where if you exceed a few pounds over (a realistic scenario with the approach of Christmas), they won’t zip up.

I know typically girls showcase their outfit but…

I leave you all with one simple statement: Not everyone is photogenic. Some are photography awkward or camera shy and that’s me. I am not there yet.

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Catherine Maladrino Shoes

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