Hot Chocolates on a Spoon ? Thoughts + Process

Hot Chocolate on a Spoon Review
Hot Chocolate on a Spoon - The Process

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It must have been a promotion because I couldn’t find this product again but I was able to locate their website. Chocomize specializes in chocolate-made gifts for all occasions.

Made with Belgian chocolate, it comes in 3 flavors (Belgian Milk, Belgian White and Belgian Dark) but I only tried the white chocolate. The process is pretty straightforward and that’s what I was mostly interested in. Taste and process. My focus was on an easy, fast way to make hot chocolate so I followed the instructions for the microwave to a T.

You can make it with hot water or milk. I chose milk (which was a terrible choice because white chocolate on its own is heavy and this was at night time.)

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The Process

Instructions from the package:

90 Seconds in the microwave (Milk or Hot Water)

Dip the wooden spoon with the hot chocolate into the hot liquid and stir until it completely dissolves.

1% On the above image, you can see what the product actually looks like. It’s a block of hot chocolate on a spoon.

10% Shows that the wooden spoon was dipped into a steamy cup of milk. I then started to stir the spoon and checking occasionally to see if it had melted. I think it was less than 2-3 minutes by the time the chocolate was nearly melted.

85% The chocolate has been nearly dissolved into the hot milk. A few more rounds of stirring and we reach 100%

100% The white chocolate has melted, turning the milk slightly yellow (the color of white chocolate) and revealing a wooden spoon (which is perfect for mixing homemade beauty scrubs, etc.)

The Final Taste

When I first tasted it, I could see right away that it had been a sucess. I was tasting hot chocolate — specifically white chocolate which is greasier (and not everyone’s favorite). I did not catch any lumps or chunks of chocolate. It was simply a hot brew. Incredibly delicious and super fast to make!

My rating on the product? Positive.

Stay lovely!~

Have you tried this product before? If not, tell me what your favorite chocolate is 🙂

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Hot Chocolate on a Spoon Review

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