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The Reason Why I Switched from Book Blogging to Lifestyle

I started out as a book blogger and I adore books. I still get super excited about books and I am always reading something— either it be nonfiction, manga, graphic novel, fiction etc. As you all know I started out on Instagram as a Bookstagram.

The community there is super supportive despite how toxic Instagram can be but having to maintain a pretty feed, keep up day by day… Trying to read as fast as possible to get a review up….I started to hate books. I became so burned out that I didn’t want to touch my Instagram for months or my blog. And? I didn’t. For five months or more, my blog and all my social media channels were left to rot.

However, despite knowing that everything was left to decay, I wasn’t exactly happy. It’s no secret that I love blogging and reviewing products (that I genuinely like only).

Where does that bring me? I post pretty things on Instagram now. From outfits, to makeup, to virtual pets, to video games… anything and everything that I find pleasing. With 9,000 followers, it was hard to abandon the niche but I found out I didn’t have to. After informing my followers of my decision, I realized I didn’t need to abandon books? I just needed to mix and match. I love beauty, gaming, books, reviewing, etc. so I decided to blog around that in moderation. Yes, I know it doesn’t fit, that my Instagram feed is a mess but I am happier this way. I became enamored with books once again and now I can just post about what I like even if it means sacrificing potential subscribers/followers.

My advice here is…. Your health is far more important. If you feel like you are getting burned out, take a break. If you have other interests, explore them. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and don’t fall into the ‘separate blog for separate niche’. I used to have 3 blogs but unless you’ve learned to handle at least one, don’t put so much pressure on yourself or you might just be setting hard limits on your creativity that no one but you cares about.

I’m not the best lifestyle blogger (I am still learning) nor was I a consistent book blogger but I am happier this way. I think in the end that’s all that matters.

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