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Starting 2020 The Right Way

Staying Humble

I think one of the most valuable lessons I learned in 2019 was the importance of staying humble. With so many ups and down and how crazy life gets, it is easy to become bitter or resentful. There’s also the trap of comparison and thinking our efforts are not paying off. When our efforts do begin to pay off, we forget to stay humble and dismiss the vital step that brought us to the very top. Always remind yourself to stay humble and authentic in a world of fakes.

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Gratitude. I make it a habit to be thankful for everything I have. Always be thankful for those that surround and support you (including pets). Be thankful for your personal growth, for not giving up and taking every second and minute of the day to improve yourself (or your blog!). I tend to write out what I’m grateful for as soon as I feel it. It isn’t a daily routine but it’s from the heart which is where it counts.

Staying Positive

Spreading Positivity. I realize this is one of the hardest. How to spread positivity when the world is full of hatred and racism? It’s simple. You do your best by not contributing to the hatred or negativity that surrounds us. You can accomplish this by not going out of your way to ruin someone’s day. Sometimes remaining neutral is the best method of spreading positivity. Now more than ever, it is vital to remain positive and supportive towards one another.

My resolution for 2020 is not sabotaging myself because we are our greatest enemies. What is your resolution or what have you learned?

Stay lovely,

xoxo M

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