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Depression Opression

today i woke up depressed. / The need to do absolutely nothing was present. / Hopelessness sat on the very bones. /I ran. / I ran not with the intention to better my health but to get away from depression. / I made it into a short race. / I skipped breakfast and migraines and exhaustion and… I ran until i was out of breath. / I ran until i could no longer feel depression breathing down my neck. / I ran until i felt the ache of my joints and a different kind of exhaustion. / A pleasant one.  — catloverr

We all battle against depression a different way.

It is a constant demon breathing down our necks.

It is the negativity that prevails whenever we hear encouragement and praise.

And like all monsters, it must be defeated.

There’s no easy way to beat it and no guarantee that it won’t return.

But if you know it is near, arm yourself the best way you can.

We all have a different way of dealing with it. There’s no right or wrong. There’s only victory or defeat.

Remain strong because there’s always a way to pull away from its overbearing presence.

No one is immune to depression. We are all equal under the eyes of this invisible monster. We are all prey.

There’s no shame in speaking its name. It becomes powerless when we can loudly detect it and prevent it. 

Preventive Measures

Pets : These friendly creatures vary in size but their love is immense. They can sense depression a mile away and will always strike when their owner is in danger. Their special attack is called ‘ Cuddles and Unconditional Love’. They are tenacious and loyal creatures. Depression, beware.

Colors, Textures, Lyricless Songs: Every day items that serve as powerful tools to strengthen the individual. Textures of all types such as yarn, cloth, paper, etc. promote happy and calming thoughts. Colors ( specifically pastels ) but these can range from shades and hues promote creativity. Drawing is not a must. Just take a piece of paper and scribble away with colors. No shapes or artistry is required. Just– invoke your feelings and let the garbles rule the canvas. If recovering from an attack, stranded in bed and weakened, a lyricless song may bring comfort. Seek neutral tones. No words. Just sounds. Words often evoke emotions and may prove to be treacherous in a dire moment.

I don’t claim to be an expert. I’m just a human sharing a voice. Since I started writing this blog post, my mood has considerably improved. I really do hope I can motivate someone else today.~

Ps: I write as Catloverr and blog as Meepingblog but we are the same.

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