How Virtual Reality (VR) Helps Me Stay Fit

As most of you can tell by now, I’m a casual gamer at most. The titles I play are dependent entirely on my mood but they range from horror to RPGs and the occasional (mostly) indie title here and there. So where does VR come in? Well, I lead a very sedentary life but after […]

Quote of the Day

You can recover material possessions as painful as it may be but you can never get a life back. —Meepingblog . . . This is based on something I said to a dear friend after the lost everything to the unexpected tornado that recently devastated Texas.

Depression Opression

today i woke up depressed. / The need to do absolutely nothing was present. / Hopelessness sat on the very bones. /I ran. / I ran not with the intention to better my health but to get away from depression. / I made it into a short race. / I skipped breakfast and migraines and […]