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Protolexa Is a planet made up of numerous floating islands surrounding a large central tower. Originally only the tower existed here, built by the Ethereal Brigade to house the Radium System, the source of all their power. However, after seemly eons of Crystal Essence use, the thoughts contained within the crystals became matter and eventually formed the planet as it is today. With an atmosphere similar to that of Earth, it has an environment suitable for human habitation.

Radium System

The Radium System is a technology which interfaces with the Astral Filament, allowing for the deliberate direction and rerouting of souls. The name “Radium System” is actually an acronym: Reincarnation, Destiny, Immortality, Union, Memories. Though the Ethereal Brigade I’d long gone, Amatsume still maintains a part of the Radium System on Protolexa.

Ethereal Brigade

The Ethereal Brigade is the name of a highly advanced species. They are also called simply “the progenitors.” Colonizing much of the universe, they mage “copy-worlds” based on their own home planet–of which Earth is one. Though the technology level is much lower, Earth languages and values are similar to those of the progenitors. Many progenitor relics remain across Protolexa, such as item pods and medic stations. Though abandoned for untold centuries, they still function flawlessly.

Xeno Factor

Xeno Factor is a technology which directly stimulates a being’s innate desire to protect itself, granting that being preternatural fighting abilities. It also affects the being’s emotional state, dampening the guilt associated with killing and the instinctual fear of death. The abilities Yamatoga downloaded from the Protolexa core mainframe were chosen at random and assigned the same way. In battle, and indeed in all ways, Xeno Factor acts and activates in complete disregard of the will of the person it affects.


Astra is the general term for the energy which permeates the entire universe. “Science” and “magic” are designators created by humans to explain a human-perceived difference in what is, in fact, the same thing. Both Yamatoga and Amatsume have the ability to access and make use of the highest levels of Astra.


“Variant” is a generalized term for monsters. Several different races, and even organizations, exist all across Protolexa.

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