What Remains of Edith Finch – Videogame Review

An interesting set of realistic dark tales. 22-year old Edith Finch, sole survivor of the Finches, has returned to her old home to find out the history of each deceased family member…

Each tale is portrayed as whimsical and magical but the reality of it—is anything but. A string of accidents, a family curse or a century of paranoia and a series of misfortunes? History, although rich and complex, is often filled with accidents, mishaps and death and we must try to understand it to avoid making the same mistakes. Protecting children by shielding them from the ‘truth’ does more harm than good and Edith’s complex maze-like house is filled with secrets that were withheld from her as a child.

The Scenery/World

Beautiful, bright and detailed with realistic lightning/shadows. The forest itself is a work of art but the house filled with vibrant colors and clutter everywhere you look—is splendid. The game itself is scenic and atmospheric meant to be played at your own pace.

The Stories

Realistic and dark but presented in a manner that is somewhat digestible. For example, it is inferred that Molly died because she ate expired/toxic food as well as poisoned berries but instead we are shown her last moments ‘through her eyes’ —how she became a cat, an owl, a shark and finally the presumed sea monster that was waiting to eat her. She was most likely hallucinating before passing. Of course you know each story will end horrible. Death is not hidden from the player. In a sense, you reach out to explore it and sometimes you even know how the story ends. There’s non-subtle emphasis in a particular action you must do, for example : eating, chopping..etc.

The House

You only have access to the bottom portion of the house at first. Each of the deceased family member’s room has been sealed off by Edith’s paranoid mother, Dawn. Peepholes were drilled into each of these rooms by Edie who thought her grandchildren had the right to know ‘their family history’. As you start to unlock bits, you begin to explore each of these rooms using different hidden passages. Each of the rooms have been left untouched and there’s a eulogy always to be found containing of a personal photo and items that they loved or defined them in life as well as a hand-painted portrait by Edie herself.

The Monsters

None that you have to fight against but Edith and the rest of the family always feel something lurking nearby.

The Graveyard

Along with an immense house that has been built on top and to the sides to escape the harsh realities of death and make room for new family members— there’s also a graveyard. Although simple, I thought each tomb was creative in its own right. For example: Barbara’s tomb had the star which essentially was what defined her life.


First person PoV and there are no monsters to be found or puzzles to resolve. Everything is movement and action. Walking, opening doors, etc. You are in charge of Edith Finch unless you are playing out a tale. If you are playing out a tale, you are in control of that particular family member but you are locked to one specific action or setting.

Final Thoughts

This game is short but incredibly put together, beautiful and not at all rushed.

The Technical Bits!
These are my own settings that allowed me to play the game without lag or stutter and full resolution/highest graphical settings.

Under Construction.
Graphics Card:
V-Sync: On

Videos: Soon to be added!


    1. Thank you. And to answer your question, Yes! I completed the whole game in a few hours. It’s not terribly long or complex but it’s creative and visually beautiful.

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