The Call of Cthulhu

The Call of Cthulhu follows private detective Edward Pierce‘s journey to Darkwater Island in order to uncover the mystery surrounding the Hawkins death.

Gameplay: The game is divided into chapters and there’s an auto-saving feature. Gameplay mechanics follows the typical A W S D keyboard controls but there’s also the option to use a video game controller. I found the keyboard controls too clunky for my taste but perfect when using a game controller.

Character points: Character points or CP is what allows you to increase your skills. You have different skills ranging from eloquence, strength, psychology, investigation and hidden spots. The other two skills marked in yellow are medicine and occultism. Medicine and occultism can only be increased as you acquire items relating to the field.

Eloquence: This skill increases your chance of manipulation.

Strength: Self-explanatory. This skill allows you to force open doors, objects or may be used during confrontations.

Psychology: Allows you to discover what happened during a reconstruction scene. The more you hone the skill, the more vivid the scene becomes. For example: instead of blackened figures, you get to witness the actual characters.

Hidden Objects: This skill allows you to find hidden objects faster. Typically a ? icon appears on the left side of the screen, indicating a hidden clue is nearby. Hidden objects or clues glow green.

For medicine, you typically find several tomes while occultism comes in the form of clues or items discovered (masks, scratched out symbols on the walls, etc.)

Setting: Atmospheric. The visuals are vibrant, rich in color yet dulled out and grotesque for the purpose of the setting. The year is 1924 Darkwater Island near Boston, Massachusetts. An island of fishermen, mostly isolated. It’s not meant to be ‘pretty’. Gutted fish, drunkards, swampy waters and crumbling buildings along with other unpleasantries is much of what will cover your screen.

Puzzles: The puzzles in the game are relatively easy. Clues and reconstruction scenes all take place in the same room.

Stealth: The game does contain some stealth requirements. Toward the beginning, stealth is almost non-existent but becomes increasingly more apparent as you are forced to sneak around inside questionable places.

The Lore: Darkwater Island is surrounded by superstitious sailors that believe in omens, curses, miracles, etc. The island was once well-known for its waters which were filled with whales. After supply dried up, Darkwater Island underwent a period of famine. In a last desperate attempt, sailors and captain boarded the Scyllas and brought back the ‘Miraculous Catch’. Beyond that, there’s also the Cthulhu mythos, as implied by the title of the game, the lore of this game revolves around the occult and this mysterious creature.

Final thoughts: I’ve covered a great portion of the game but I’m still not finished. I’ll give my verdict once I complete the game.

Review Outcome: Incomplete

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