Talisman Pass: November | Seafair Fireworks

Note: You will not receive Kujira’s skin or the bottom rewards unless you purchase the deluxe Talisman Pass but it is still worth completing.


Reach level 20 of the Talisman Pass to unlock all the pieces of the puzzle+ story 1-4. Reach level 30 to unlock all rewards. For F2P users, the rewards you can obtain are found at the top.

This is what the completed wallpaper looks like.

There are 4 pieces to unlock and each piece contains a story about Kujira. It is worth a read.


Level 1-8 Rewards:
x10 Orochi Scales
20,000 Gold
15 AP

Level 10:
Seafair Fireworks exclusive frame

Level 12-18
20 Orochi Scales + G4 Cyan Imp
40,000 Gold + 5 Jade
40 AP + 5 Sakuramochi

Level 20
G3 Grade Daruma

November Talisman Pass Quests

Daily Quests

> 5 EXP   Play Demon Parade

Costs no AP and you have a chance of getting shards. With enough shards, you can form a pact and summon a Shikigami.

> 5 EXP   Dispatch Shikigami

I only complete the Daruma dispatch quests as this will level up multiple Daruma at least 5 levels. Sometimes you get 3 Daruma quests with multiple Daruma required which means you can level 15 Daruma at the same time. Note: Not AP-friendly. Only consider it if you have a surplus of AP.

> 5 EXP   Complete a Wanted Quests

Quests I go for are mostly jade and pet food with the ocasional SR/SSR shard.

> 10 EXP Challenge Area Boss

I do this every day and choose wave 20 for easy 20 jades.

> 10 EXP Challenge Demon Encounter Leader

I also do this every day. Demon Encounter bosses drop tons of goodies as well as grade 5-6 souls.

5 EXP   Win Duel Battles

> 5 EXP   Enhance a Soul

This is based on a case by case scenario of funds and feeding material.

> 5 EXP   Collect Realm Exp

> 2 EXP   Send friends hearts

Friend hearts allow you to purchase from the shop but I keep them for special events.

10 EXP Make Donations

> Depends on the shard that is being requested.

> 5 EXP   Win Realm Raids

I try to win 3 battles for easy 5 jade. Realm raid passes are easily acquired.

> 12 EXP Clear Exploration Zones

Completing hard challenges or even trying to trigger shard zones, spirits, Kraken, etc. Easily doable.

6 EXP   Clear Evo Zones
6 EXP   Clear Soul Zones

The last two are naturally met when you need to farm and this is a game that requires a lot of farming/grinding.

Weekly and monthly quests are not a must to reach all the levels and some can be completed just by naturally playing the game. I’ve bolded easy to complete quests.


25 EXP 40 Guild Quests

e.g Farming soul zones with your guild mate.

50 EXP Complete 6 Wanted Quests

Wanted quests to look out for: pet food, jade, gold (optional), AR (typically easy)

20 EXP First login of the week

25 EXP Spend 200 AP in a day

Easily achieved by farming for soul zones and evo materials or just experience points in general.


This applies to the entire server. Not a must.