Warding Light | Onmyoji

Warding Light | Onmyoji

SSR Amaterasu and SP Kusa Regrown are the featured Shikigami for the latest update of the mobile game, Onmyoji. Warding Radiance World Protector are Amaterasu's Memory Scrolls while Regrown For New Adventures is Kusa's. Sheltering Sun & Dazzling Dandelion is the Summoning Event and Warding Light is the live event which will run from Oct 18 to Oct 27 (Stage 1) and Oct 28 to Oct 31 (Stage 2).

To access the event, head to the Courtyard and click on the floating icon above SSR Amaterasu's head.

The event starts in Warding Light with a giant Izanami looking down on Amaterasu. Shing Past is the main event for SSR Amaterasu and Tiny Adventure is for SP Kusa Regrown. Illuminated Path is a form of Talisman Pass and you can complete it as you go through the event.

Warding Light

Shining Past

This is the main story for Amaterasu. It is interactive and common rewards include Blessed Gohei, Coins and Cyan Imp materials. After completing each chapter, you will receive a relic which can be equipped when participating in Purging Evils. Shining Past is divided into several chapters.

Advent Hour

  • Intro
  • No rewards.


  • Approach Izanami to create a new world
  • Follow Izanami to continue creating the world
  • Continue to create the world
  • Go to the isle behind the gate and observe the creatures you just created
  • Approach to observe and talk to Izanami
  • You will receive Jikokuten's Divinity.

Entering the World

  • Izanami is calling Amaterasu. Answer her.
  • Go to the world you created
  • Follow the voice
  • Go to the crying girl
  • Head in the direction of the meowing
  • Approach the stray cat
  • Find the way to Reina's home
  • Defeat the obstructing monsters
  • Approach the spinning water wheel
  • Find the way to Reina's home
  • Go to Reina's home
  • Approach the bonfire
  • Go to Reina's home
  • Send Reina to her family
  • Leave Reina and her family and return to the first isle
  • You will receive Nozuchi-No-Kami's Divinity

World's Destruction

  • Rush to the girl's parents
  • Rush to the adopted kitten
  • Escape with the kitten
  • Rush to the water wheel
  • Escape the Nagas
  • Pass through the field
  • Escape the Nagas and the monster
  • Go to the bonfire
  • Approach the bonfire
  • Escape the fire
  • Go to Izanami's place
  • The bringer of doom has appeared. Go to Izanami
  • You will receive Maralordi's Divinity

Radiant Beginning

  • Go to the familiar doll
  • Continue
  • Approach the bonfire
  • Keep repairing the world
  • Go to Izanami's illusion
  • Go to the apple tree
  • Talk to Izanami's illusion
  • Go to the water wheel
  • Talk to Izanami's illusion
  • Keep moving
  • Talk to Izanami's illusion
  • Keep moving
  • Go to Izanami's true form
  • You will receive Tsukuyomi's Divinity

Purged by Light : This one is a little different because there are options but there is a right and wrong.

  • Revisit the place to find traces of the past
  • [Izanami saved Amaterasu in the past]
  • [Izanami was betrayed by someone]
  • [Amaterasu and Izanami are actually the same]
  • [The one in this world is not Izanami herself]
  • [The birth of Amaterasu is related to Izanami]
  • There will be a fight after but it's mostly for show
  • You will receive Hitokotonushi's Divinity


  • Continue
  • You will receive Kama's Divinity

Trial Hour

  • This is more of a transition to Warding Battle.

Sunfall Hour

  • This is the conclusion to the battle.

Purging Evils. Click Go to commence the battle. There's three difficulties and each battle costs 30 Sushi. As you proceed, you will acquire Heart's Glow which will allow you to acquire Shikigami, evolve or even purchase from the Soul shop. All the battles are automatic. There's no time limit. You will receive 100 Heart's Glow for the first common battle and you can choose a Shikigami after the battle (purification) or leave. It is not exactly passive. It requires some babysitting. You will get at times get the chance for a Relic Chest, Random or an Encounter and this can range from evolving a Shikigami to cancelling and getting currency. At the end of each common battle, you will face off against a Six Realms Evil God. You will face approximately 6 at each stage. You will receive 3 Radiance Keys as well as a high grade Shikigami. As you advance in difficulty, you will receive more and more Radiance Keys. I farmed the hardest difficulty once I got the hang of it and was able to max out the loot box I wanted. Radiance Chest allows you to exchange rewards. You need Radiance Keys.

Tiny Adventure

Tiny Adventure is a little different and shorter. Warding Glimmers is the farming. 50 Firefly Charms are issued daily. Select souls before starting the battle but too can switch out as needed. While you can use Sushi to continue, you won't receive any Blessed Gohei. There are 10 levels of difficulty. I allowed the Firefly Charms to stack to 200 and was easily able to unlock the rest of the shop levels. I don't recommend you wait for too long if you have grabbed the event at a much later date.

Warding Battle

The final battle. Each attempt costs 12 Sushi and you get 3 minutes off Battle. You can switch between defensive or offensive mode. Choose your Sentry before engaging in battle. I found defense a lot easier than attacking Izanami: 19 mil vs 9 mil is a huge difference. Your rewards are based on Total Damage. You can borrow Shikigami or lent out Shikigami. First 20 challenges will grant you daily rewards.

Light Depot

Light Depot is this event's shop. The shop has 3 levels: Dim, Dawn (1000K), Sunrise (2000K). Amanozako special skin - Astral Wings. Notable purchases are up to the player's needs and level but some recommendations:

  • Grade Daruma
  • Skill Daruma and shards
  • EXP Daruma
  • Mystery Amulets
  • SSR/SP Summon Scroll
  • Jade
  • Realm Cards
  • Cyan Imps and Evo mats.

If you are more interested in aesthetics or have extra currency: Event Skin > Skin Tokens > Event Frames

Final Thoughts

Happy that the new interactive animations have voiceovers as it really adds to the experience. With these final updates, getting newer generation Shikigami has been much easier than when I first started playing.

I wish they had kept Izanami's dark form throughout the battle and the final battle was too short and I couldn't participate. However, I have nothing but good memories from the event since I got blessed by the summoning Gods. I received SSR Asura, SP Fallen God Orochi (SSR Scroll) and SP Heartseeker Momiji from regular summon before reaching my 40th one.